Luminous Flat Stair Nosing

Ecoglo®’s Photoluminescent Flat Stair Nosing will provide your facility with outstanding step edge visibility and clear illuminated instructions for egress that will enhance evacuation speed. Manufactured using our patented process, Ecoglo®’s advanced photoluminescent technology will glow brightly for hours after just 30 minutes of exposure to a natural or artificial light source.

Ecoglo® Flat Stair Nosing can be seamlessly installed using our recommended adhesive and mechanical fasteners or with adhesive only. Either way, our luminous stair nosing will install flush with the stair on a range of substrates, including concrete, timber, tiles, steel, checker plate, resilient flooring, and thin carpeted stairs.

Remember… with Ecoglo®, you’ll never miss a step!

F3-G Series

Our F3-G Series Flat Stair Nosing features 5 luminous strips, which are 1″ length in total, and approximately half of its 3″ surface features non-slip grooves.

F4-E20 Series

The Ecoglo® F4-E20 Flat Stair Nosings features 3 photoluminescent strips and an integrated non-slip strip, packaged into a 2.7″ body.

F5101 Series

The F5101 Photoluminescent Flat Stair Nosing Series contains 3 luminous strips totaling 0.6″ in length and deep non-slip grooves packaged into a 2.6″ long body.

F5B-E20 Series

Ecoglo®’s F5B-E20 Series also features 3 photoluminescent strips, as well as a non-slip strip spread across 1.5″. This product’s body’s length is 2.7″.

F6-E20 Series

Featuring 3 photoluminescent strips and our durable anti-slip strip, the F6-E20 series packs its exceptional functionality into a 3.1″ body.

F7-E30 Series

Our F7-E30 Flat Stair Nosing features 3 photoluminescent strips and a larger non-slip surface spread across its 2.6″ long body.

F7-E40 Series

The F7-E40 Series Flat Stair Nosing contains 5 of our fast-charging strips and a non-slip strip packaged into a 2.6″ body.

F8-E30 Series

Featuring 3 Ecoglo® advanced luminescent strips and our durable non-slip surface, our 3″ long F8-E30 Series luminous stair nosing will provide clear step edge visibility to your facility.

F8-E40 Series

This luminous stair nosing features 5 photoluminescent strips and our slip-resistant strip packaged into a tidy 3″ long body that is easy to seamlessly install.

RF7-E30 Series

The RF7-E30 Series contains 3 Ecoglo® advanced photoluminescent strips and one of our durable non-slip strips spread across 2″ of its 3.5” body.

RF7-E40 Series

Boasting 5 luminous strips and a non-slip surface, the RF7-E40 Series will easily bring your building up to code and install seamlessly into your stairways.

RF5-E30 Series

The Ecoglo® RF7-E30 Stair Nosing Series features of our luminous strips as well as a larger non-slip surface with 4 anti-slip strips molded into a 5.5″ long body with a step edge cover height of 2″.

RF5-E40 Series

One of our larger stair nosings, the RF5-E40 contains 5 advanced photoluminescent strips as well as 4 non-slip strips packaged into a 5.5″ long body and a step edge cover that is 2″ high.