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Reliable Emergency Exit Signs

Ecoglo’s wide range of emergency exit signs light the way, even when there’s no power. Glowing brightly, our self-illuminating exit signs can be charged using natural or artificial light, requiring no electricity or batteries to operate. Ecoglo’s fully code compliant photoluminescent signs are also available as Hybrid LED models, for areas with low light exposure. 

Ecoglo’s glow in the dark exit signs are available as borderless sign, or with a clear anodized aluminum frames. All emergency exit signs can be shipped with a universal mounting kit, ensuring an efficient installation. Aside from requiring no electricity, Ecoglo luminous exit signs reduce maintaince costs and boast the lowest life cycle cost available of all photoluminescent exit signs.  Our glow in the dark exit signs are LEED points qualified for energy conservation and sustainability, making Ecoglo signs the ideal choice for your project.

Ecoglo® EX Standard Series Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Our standard series photoluminescent exit signs are available in either 50 or 75 foot visibility, depending on your building’s needs. Each of Ecoglo’s standard series luminous exit signs require absolutely no batteries or electrify, and are completely fail-safe. These signs receive their charge passively from natural or artificial light.

These self-illuminating exit signs are non-toxic and non-radioactive, unlike tritium exit signs, making Ecoglo the safest choice for any space.  

Product Features:

• ULC 924 listed for Photoluminescent and Self-Luminous Exit Signs
• 50/75-foot visibility rating
• No electricity or batteries required
• Min. 54 lux LED, Fluorescent, Mercury Vapor or Metal Halide on sign face during building occupancy
• Indoor installation only
• Standard twenty-five (25) year warranty
• Non-toxic, non-radioactive
• ULC testing/listing no. E344049/4RG2

Ecoglo® EXH Series Hybrid Exit Signs

Ecoglo’s EXH Series Hybrid Exit Signs are the ideal choice for areas with low light. The LED provides an auxiliary charge, to ensure the glow in the dark exit signs shines brightly in the event of a power outage. These luminous exit signs require no batteries or back up power supply to handle any power outages.

The integration of patented Ecoglo photoluminescence and next generation LED technology ensures code compliance in any lighting condition and without the requirement for battery or generator back up.

Product Features:

• LED/Photoluminescent Hybrid Exit Sign System
• No Batteries or Backup Power Required
• High Efficiency Low Power Consumption
• Certified for 90 Minute Operating Time at 75 Ft Visibility
• Universal Mount – Convenient Turn & Lock™
• Mounting System for Quick and Versatile Installation
• Non-Toxic, Non-Radioactive
• Photoluminescent Technology
• Directional Labels Included
• Indoor Installation Only
• ULC 924 Listed

Ecoglo® Architectural Series Photoluminescent Exit Sign System

This range of luminous exit signs requires just 60 minutes of charging time, either from natural or artificial light, to become fully charged and provide high visibility in any lighting condition. Just like Ecoglo’s other emergency exit signs, our architectural series is available in both 50 and 75-foot visibility ranges.

These UL certified emergency exit signs are completely non-toxic, non-radioactive and are LEED points qualified.

Product Features:

  • ULCS572 Listed for Photoluminescent and Self-Luminous Exit Signs
  • 50/75-foot visibility rating
  • No electricy or batteries required
  • Indoor installation
  • Standard 25-year warranty
  • Non-toxic, non-radioactive
  • ULC Certified/listing no. E344049/4RG2

Why Chose Ecoglo Glow in the Dark Exit Signs?

Ecoglo’s self-illuminating exit signs are the code compliant, fail-safe solution for your building’s egress system.

Unlike battery operated or electric emergency exit signs, Ecoglo’s photoluminescent exit signs will never let you down. Glowing brightly in the dark for hours, our exit signs will safely guide your patrons to the nearest exit safely. Ecoglo’s luminous exit signs cut through smoke and shadows, giving your patrons a clear picture of the exit. Our emergency exit signs give your patrons confidence when exiting in an emergency situation.

Proven Performance of Glow in the Dark Exit Signs

Ecoglo’s glow in the dark exit signs are high preforming, and code compliant. Our exit signs are ULC S572 tested and listed for photoluminescent and self-luminous exit signs. Ecoglo emergency exit signs come with a 25-year warranty, and our hybrid luminous exit sign comes with a 10 year warranty.

You can trust Ecoglo to be the visibly better solution for your building’s safety! 

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