Ecoglo Luminous EX Standard Emergency Exit Sign Demo

Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Signs

Ecoglo®’s array of emergency photoluminescent exit signs ensure your building’s emergency egress path is illuminated – even when a building’s power system has failed. Our self-illuminating exit signs can be easily charged using natural or artificial light, requiring no electricity or batteries to operate and glow brightly.

Ecoglo EX-Standard Luminous Emergency Exit Sign
Ecoglo EX-Standard Luminous Emergency Exit Sign - Green Letters
Ecoglo EX-Standard Luminous Emergency Exit Sign - Red Letters
Ecoglo glow in the dark EX-Standard Emergency Exit Sign

Ecoglo® EX Standard Series Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Ecoglo®’s EX Standard Series Photoluminescent Exit Signs require absolutely no batteries, electricity, or external power thanks to our advanced photoluminescent technology. It is thanks to this feature that our illuminated emergency exit signs are completely fail-safe, as they quickly charge from exposure to external light and will glow brightly for hours in the event of a power failure. These self-illuminating exit signs are non-toxic and non-radioactive, unlike tritium exit signs, making Ecoglo the safest choice for any space.

  • The hinged mounting adaptor accommodates slopes from 0 to approximately 49 degrees and is installed similar to the standard ceiling configuration.
  • The hinged mounting adaptor accommodates slopes from 0 to approximately 49 degrees and is installed similar to the standard ceiling configuration.
  • Our sign is ULC 924 listed for Photoluminescent and Self-Luminous Exit Signs, so you can rest easy knowing this product will bring your facility up to code.
  • LEED Points qualified for energy conservation and sustainability.
  • Our Standard Series features a 50/75-foot visibility rating – ensuring it can be seen from a distance even in emergency conditions.
  • Ecoglo® photoluminescent exit signs don’t require any electricity, batteries, or external power.
  • Requires exposure to at least 54 lux of fluorescent, metal halide, mercury vapor, or other 4000K light illumination for a minimum of 60 minutes to become fully operational.
  • We provide directional arrow labels with each sign for on-site application.
  • This exit sign can only be installed indoors.
  • We offer our standard 25-year warranty with this photoluminescent exit sign – ensuring you are in the right hands for years to come.
  • This glow in the dark exit sign is non-toxic and non-radioactive.
  • ULC testing/listing no. E344049/4RG2.
Ecoglo EXH-Hybrid LED Luminous Exit Signs
EXH Hybrid LED Luminescent Green Exit Sign
EXH Hybrid LED Luminescent Red Exit Sign
EXH Hybrid LED Luminescent Exit Sign in dark

Ecoglo® EXH Series Hybrid Exit Signs

Our EXH Series Hybrid Exit Signs are the ideal choice for areas that only receive limited light exposure. The integrated LED system provides an auxiliary charge to ensure the glow in the dark sign shines brightly in the event of a power outage if the photoluminescent technology has not received enough light exposure. Unlike battery powered exit signs, Ecoglo®’s hybrid photoluminescent exit signs require no batteries or back up power supply to handle any power outages.

The Ecoglo® engineering team designed our innovative hybrid sign by integrating our patented photoluminescence and next generation LED technology. This product ensures code compliance in any lighting condition without the need for a battery or generator backup.

  • Each Ecoglo® Hybrid Exit Sign comes packaged with mounting hardware for Ceiling Mount, Surface Mount, and Side Mount installations.
  • Ecoglo® offers the best and most comprehensive warranty in the industry for our EXH Series Hybrid Exit Signs – 10 years on enclosures, 5 years on LED and driver, and 25 years on the photoluminescent technology.
  • Innovative LED/Luminous Exit Signs System
  • No batteries or backup power required for power outages
  • High Efficiency Low Power Consumption LED Luminance
  • Certified for 90-minute operating time at 75-foot visibility
  • Universal Mount – convenient Turn & Lock® Mounting System for quick and versatile installation
  • This photoluminescent exit sign is non-toxic and features non-radioactive luminous technology
  • Easily interchangeable graphics – our signs come with a complete set of interchangeable graphics for the various arrow orientations
  • Indoor installation only
  • UL924 tested and listed
Ecoglo EXAL Architectural Luminescent Exit Sign

Ecoglo® EXAL Series Architectural Photoluminescent Exit Sign System

Our EXAL Architectural Series Exit Signs require just 60 minutes of charging time, from either natural or artificial light, to become fully charged and provide highly visible luminous egress solutions in any lighting condition.

Featuring an elegant finish and made using Ecoglo®’s advanced manufacturing process, our Architectural Series Photoluminescent Exit Signs are a favorite of architects and contractors across the United States. And just like Ecoglo®’s Standard Series, these self-illuminating exit signs are available in both 50 and 75-foot visibility ranges.

These UL certified illuminated exit signs are completely non-toxic, non-radioactive, and LEED Points qualified.

  • IBC – International Building Code compliant
  • ULCS572 Listed for Photoluminescent and Self-Luminous Exit Signs
  • 50 and 75-foot visibility rating with 90 minutes operating time
  • Our self-powered exit signs don’t require electricity or batteries in order to operate
  • Indoor installation
  • Non-toxic and non-radioactive
  • Our luminous exit signs feature a standard 25-year warranty
  • Directional arrow labels are provided with each sign for easy on-site application
  • Manufactured using recycled aluminum, Ecoglo® glow in the dark exit signs are green-certified and easily recyclable.

How do Glow in the Dark Exit Signs Work?

Unlike battery powered exit signs or electric operated ones, photoluminescent exit signs work by absorbing the lights you already have installed in your building – therefore using no energy itself. After charging, Ecoglo® luminous exit signs will glow brightly for hours, cutting through darkness with ease and safely guiding your patrons to the nearest exit safely.

Ecoglo® signs meet or exceed all state and federal glow in the dark sign requirements, making them the code compliant, fail-safe solution for your building’s egress system.

Illuminated Exit Signs with Proven Performance

Ecoglo®’s glow in the dark exit signs are high performing, code compliant, and ULC S572 tested and listed for photoluminescent and self-luminous exit signs. Ecoglo® emergency exit signs also come with a 25-year warranty, while our Hybrid Series is provided with a 10-year warranty – ensuring you are in our safe and capable hands.

You can trust Ecoglo® to provide you with stellar and clear visibility solutions to make your building safe and code compliant.