Express Path Marking Series

Ecoglo’s line of express path marking products provide excellent visibility in exit paths which may be difficult to navigate in emergency conditions. Our photoluminescent strips and luminous egress path markings always turn on, even if back up lighting fails.

In addition to being completely fail safe, Ecoglo photoluminescent markings cut through shadows, enabling quicker egress speeds.

Our express pathmarking series offers a cost-effective solution to meeting the requirements of building and fire codes, requiring luminescent egress markings.

Ecoglo Luminous Egress Handrail Marker

Handrail Markings

Ecoglo G250R-H Luminous Handrail Strip
G250R-H & G300RS -H

Ecoglo’s photoluminescent handrail markings enhance the ease and speed of egress within your building. These photoluminescent strips are an integral part of any egress path that includes stairs with railings.

Our illumuniated handrails are sleek enough to fit into any space, without distracting from the design of your building.

Perimeter Demarcation

Ecoglo G250R Luminous Perimeter Demarcation Strip
G250R & G300Rs

This line of Ecoglo’s photoluminescent egress path markings can be used in a variety of applications. Providing high visibility in low light conditions, perimeter demarcation strips can be wall mounted or floor mounted, to safely guide patrons to the nearest exit.

The expertly engineered and rigorously tested photoluminescent strips ensure a durable, long-lasting egress path marking solution for your building.

Directional Signage

These UL certified self-luminous exit signs create a safe environment for all people, by guiding patrons through your building, towards the nearest exit. Self-luminous directional signs are a vital part of any egress system, to enhance both the speed and safety of egress.

Ecoglo offers a wide range of self-luminous exit signs so you get the perfect code compliant solution for your building.

Ecoglo RA02012 Luminous Running Man with Arrow Exit sign
R_02012 Running Man with Directional Arrow
Ecoglo RAE2122 Wall Mounted Luminous Running Man with Arrow Exit sign
Wall Mounted Door Signs
Ecoglo ROE3312 Door Mounted Luminous Running Man with Exit sign
Door Mounted Signs

Installing Photoluminescent Path Marking Products

The express pathmarking series of products are cut using hand shears and install easily using the 3M tape on the base. The aggressive 3M double sided tape and the rigidity of the products result in a strong installation.

Find installation information for Ecoglo’s directional, self-luminous exit signs here.

Luminous Egress Path Markings Code Compliance

Ecoglo’s luminous egress path markings provide excellent visibility in all lighting conditions, and as such are required and approved by the following building and fire codes:

The Greener Choice

Ecoglo’s photoluminescent strips, luminous egress path markings and directional signage are all completely non-toxic and non-radioactive. Our fail-safe products are charged from either natural or artificial lighting, consuming zero energy. Ecoglo’s photoluminescent path marking products operate without the use of batteries or electricity, making them a sustainable, environmentally friendly choice.

Ecoglo’s express path marking series products are LEED points qualified.

Durable Photoluminescent Safety Markings

All Ecoglo’s luminous egress path markings are built to last. Our unique manufacturing process produces the most durable and efficient photoluminescent egress path making products available.

Requiring little maintenance, Ecoglo products will provide a bright glow for years to come.