Ecoglo Luminous & Non-Slip Products

We use our patented process to produce a wide range of products that are the perfect solutions for your pathfinding needs. Ecoglo is a leading global innovator of UL certified photoluminescent egress markings, exit signs, emergency signage, and non-slip step edge markings that exceed code requirements worldwide. All Ecoglo photoluminescent strips are 100% washable.

Step Edge Markings

Designed to provide clear photoluminescent egress markings, Ecoglo Step Edge Markings are completely fail-safe and provide excellent visibility in all light conditions.

Handrail Markings

Expertly engineered and rigorously tested, Ecoglo photoluminescent handrail markings glow brightly and will guide patrons to safety even in emergency conditions. 

Perimeter Markings

Engineered to perfection and extremely versatile, Ecoglo photoluminescent egress path markings can provide visibility solutions to a wide range of applications, including being floor and wall mounted.

Obstruction Markings

Ecoglo’s luminous obstruction demarcation alerts patrons to egress obstructions by providing clear photoluminescent alerts. Ecoglo is the failsafe option you can trust.

Floor Identification Signs

Knowing which floor you’re on is critical information when trying to safely exit an emergency situation, and Ecoglo’s photoluminescent floor identification signs will glow brightly when your patrons need it most.

Directional Signage

Ecoglo’s durable self-luminous direction exit signs release light when the power fails, safely guiding patrons to their nearest exit – speeding up egress procedures in the process.

Door Hardware Markings

A key part of an effective egress path, Ecoglo photoluminescent door hardware markings will glow brightly and visually mark an emergency exit door’s hardware in emergency situations.

Express Pathmarking Series

Featuring a scratch resistant surface and an aggressive adhesive, Ecoglo photoluminescent tape is the industry leader for performance and durability.

Pathmarking Tapes

Ecoglo’s durable self-luminous direction exit signs release light when the power fails, safely guiding patrons to their nearest exit – speeding up egress procedures in the process.

Non-Slip Step Edge Markings

Expertly engineered and extremely durable, Ecoglo Non-Slip Stair Nosing will provide your facility with industry-leading non-slip protection and is durable enough for both outdoor and indoor installations.

Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Featuring Ecoglo’s advanced photoluminescent technology, our range of emergency photoluminescent exit signs ensure your building’s emergency egress path is illuminated – even when power has failed. 

Additional Products

Ecoglo’s Photoluminescent Aisle and Seat Markers provide clear wayfinding instructions in low light and dark venues while our Photoluminescent Road Markers are ideal for road and transport applications. 

Ecoglo uses a patented process to produce a range of luminous egress path markings that provide solutions for your pathfinding needs. Ecoglo provides step edge contrast while increasing slip-resistance and it is visible in all light conditions.

Our patented process bakes in the photoluminescent powder and non-slip material making Ecoglo tough enough to pass internationally accredited laboratories relating to durability, weather resistance, UV resistance, stain resistance, abrasion and are 100% washable.

Unlike electrical or battery lighting, Ecoglo products will never let you down. They will glow brightly in the dark for many hours giving your patrons confidence in exiting, even in an emergency. The example above is an actual test of the performance of a 60-minute battery emergency lighting system versus Ecoglo pathway marking in the same stairwell. Ecoglo provides superior performance making evacuations more comfortable and safer in your facility.

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