Photoluminescent Directional Signage

Self-Luminous Directional Exit Signs

By providing durable photoluminescent directional signs Ecoglo creates a safer environment for people of all abilities. These UL certified exit signs store light from either natural or artifical light, which is then released when the power fails.

The brightly glowing signs, which glow for hours after the lights go out, safely guide patrons to the nearest exit. Self-luminous directional signs are a vital aspect of enhancing both the safety and speed of egress.

Each Ecoglo directional exit sign comes with a 25-year warranty and are easy to use and install.

Ecoglo offers a wide range of self-luminous directional signs, ensuring you get the perfect code compliant solution for your building.


R_02012 Running Man with Directional Arrow

Ecoglo’s Running Man with Directional Arrow signs provide excellent visibility in all lighting conditions. The indication of the direction of the arrow enhances egress speeds. This line of photoluminescent egress path markings is available in both aluminum and vinyl.

R_O2012 – Aluminum Base Series
R_O2012 – Rigid Vinyl Series

Wall Mounted Door Sign

Ecoglo’s Wall Mounted Door Signs are designed to be installed on the wall beside egress doors. These directional signs provide visibility and indicate direction of egress in all lighting conditions. Wall mounted door signs are available as both aluminum and vinyl based.

Luminous Pathmarking-Exit-Sign-Running-Man-Wall-Mounted
Wall Mounted – Aluminum Base Series
Luminous Pathmarking-Exit-Sign-Running-Man-Wall-Mounted
Wall Mounted – Rigid Vinyl Series

Door Mounted Signs

Door mounted emergency exit signs safely guide patrons to the exit discharge, even after the power has gone out. The brightly glowing photoluminescent exit sign, charged by natural or artificial light, is completely fail-safe, enhancing egress safety in any lighting condition.

Door Mounted – Aluminum Base Series
Door Mounted – Rigid Vinyl Series

Photoluminescent Directional Sign Code Compliance

Directional exit signs enhance egress speeds, by lighting a clear path towards the exit discharge. Patrons of your building can confidently follow Ecoglo’s photoluminescent exit signs to safety. Photoluminescent directional signage within interior exit stairways of high rise buildings are required by the following building and fire codes:

The Greener Choice

Ecoglo’s aluminum directional signs are 100% recyclable and partly made of recycled aluminum. In addition to qualifying for LEED points, Ecoglo aluminum exit signs also have no disposal cost.

Durable Exit Signs

Ecoglo’s exit signs have been rigorously tested for both indoor and outdoor use. Charged by either natural or artificial light, Ecoglo’s directional exit signs glow brightly for hours, once the power has gone out.

Manufactured using our patented process, our self-luminous egress pathmarking products will safely guide patrons through your building for years to come.

Installing Exit Signs

The installation of directional exit signs is required in all areas where the direction of travel to reach the nearest exit is not immediately apparent.

Ecoglo’s photoluminescent exit signs are clearly marked, enhancing the speed and safety of egress in all lighting conditions.