Photoluminescent Door Hardware Markings

As part of an effective egress path, Ecoglo’s photoluminescent door hardware markings visually mark an emergency exit door’s hardware, in the case of a power outage. Having been charged by either natural or artificial light, Ecoglo’s photoluminescent marking glows for hours, safely leading patrons to the exit. In an emergency situation, and in any lighting condtion, Ecoglo’s photoluminescent markings will clearly mark the egress path, enhancing both exit speeds and safety.

Ecoglo’s photoluminescnet door hardware markings have been engineered and manufactured using a patented process, to ensure a completely fail-safe, reliable egress pathmarking product

Each Ecoglo door hardware marking product has been designed with safety in mind. In order to increase visibility, Ecoglo uses a patented manufacturing process to ensure the brightest photoluminescent glow possible. Find the luminous egress pathmarking solution right for your project below.

Ecoglo DHM1010 Luminous Door Hardware Handle Marker

By indicating the outline of door handles, the DHM1010 increases visibility, which in turn enhances egress speeds. This egress pathmarking product is non-radioactive and non-toxic.

Ecoglo DHM03YY Luminous Panic Bar Door Hardware Marker

Designed as a panic bar indicator, the DHM03YY increases visibility and enhances egress speeds in all lighting conditions, especially after the power goes out. This fail-safe egress lighting product is both non-toxic and non-radioactive.

These luminescent door hardware markings are to be installed using a premium adhesive. The use of Ecoglo’s recommended polyurethane adhesive ensures a strong, long-lasting bond, keeping your Ecoglo product in place, and increasing visibility, for years to come.

Door hardware markings within interior stairways of high rise buildings are required by the following building and fire codes:

Door hardware shall be marked with not less than 16 square inches (406 mm2) of luminous material. This marking shall be located behind, immediately adjacent to, or on the door handle or escutcheon. Where a panic bar is installed, such material shall be not less than 1 inch (25 mm) wide for the entire length of the actuating bar or touchpad.