Durable & Versatile Slip Resistant Stair Nosing (Non Luminescent)

Ecoglo®’s expertly engineered non slip nosing will provide your facility with long-lasting and extremely durable slip resistance protection – reducing the risk of slips and falls for years to come. Manufactured using our incredible polymer, these non slip strips and stair nosing can withstand years of UV weathering and are durable enough for both indoor and outdoor long-term installations.

Our team at Ecoglo® understands that your stairs are used often, and longevity is a concern. As such, we ensured the hard-wearing surface of our non-slip stair nosing is abrasion resistant, protecting your Ecoglo® step-edge nosing from scratches or additional damages caused by heavy foot traffic. With Ecoglo®, there’s no need to worry, as thousands of patrons can walk on our anti slip stair nosing with no signs of wear and tear.

Our stair nosings also require very little maintenance while still providing their stellar, reliable, and long-lasting slip-resistant protection.

No matter the substrate of your facility’s stairs, Ecoglo® has you covered with our wide variety of non slip stair nosing solutions.

Non Slip Strips

With the option to install our N Series Anti Slip Stair Nosings on concrete, wood, and metal stairs, our stair nosing is emblematic of our commitment to versatility. Both our N20 and N30 Series of slip resistant strips provide exceptional step-edge color contrast and long-lasting anti-slip protection for the safety of your patrons.

Using Ecoglo®’s recommended premium polyurethane adhesive ensures a permanent and reliable installation. The strength of the adhesive combined with the expertly engineered durability of our anti slip Stair strips ensures your facility will boast a permanent slip-resistant and code compliant solution.

Ecoglo N20 Slip Resistant Stair Strips
N20 Series
Ecoglo N30 Slip Resistant Stair Strips
N30 Series

Non Slip Flat Stair Nosing

Featuring clear step-edge color contrast and Ecoglo®’s durable slip resistant protection strips, our Non Slip Flat Stair Nosing is your best option to affordably renovate, modernize and improve the safety of your stairways.

The Ecoglo® team integrally bonds the hard-wearing silicon carbide slip resistance material to the aluminum substrate, so that thousands of people can walk on it with no signs of wear and tear. As such, Ecoglo® Non Slip Flat Stair Nosing is an incredible and code compliant non-slip solution ideal for any facility.

Ecoglo F4-N20 Anti Slip Aluminum Stair Treads
Ecoglo F5B-N20 Anti Slip Aluminum Stair Treads
Ecoglo F6-N20 Anti Slip Aluminum Stair Treads
Ecoglo F7-N30 Anti Slip Aluminum Stair Treads
Ecoglo F8-N30 Anti Slip Aluminum Stair Treads
Ecoglo RF7-N30 Anti Slip Aluminum Stair Treads
Ecoglo RF5-N30 Anti Slip Aluminum Stair Treads

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Cast In Place Stair Nosing

Designed to be installed directly into wet concrete, Ecoglo® Cast in Place Non Slip Stair Nosing ensures a neat, smooth installation that will decrease the risk of slips and trips in your facility. Manufactured using our expertly engineered polymer, this non-slip stair nosing withstands intense UV weathering and is durable enough for both outdoor and indoor long-term installations.

Provide your building with clear step edge color contrast, long-lasting anti-slip protection, and a beautiful, sleek appearance with our Anti-Slip Cast in Place Stair Nosing. They are the perfect cost-effective solution for bringing your new installation up to code.  

Ecoglo S10-N30 Slip Resistant Cast in Place Nosing
Ecoglo S2-N30 Slip Resistant Cast in Place Stair Nosing
Ecoglo S3-N Slip Resistant Cast in Place Stair Treads
Ecoglo S4-N30 Slip Resistant Cast in Place Stair Treads

Carpet Stair Nosing

We designed this line of Ecoglo®’s slip resistance stair nosing specifically to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents on carpeted stairs. Not every building features concrete or metal stairs, so we designed these non-slip stair treads for exactly those clients of ours.

Our metal nosing comes in a variety of sizes, so that you have the right solution for every installation. These Ecoglo® stair treads also won’t budge once installed, as our recommended installation adhesive and mechanical fasteners create a permanent anti slip solution.

Ecoglo C4-N20 Slip Resistant Carpet Stair Treads
Ecoglo C5-N20 Slip Resistant Carpet Stair Treads
Ecoglo RC4-N30 Slip Resistant Carpet Stair Treads
Ecoglo RC5-N30 Slip Resistant Carpet Stair Treads

Non Slip Tile Nosing

The Ecoglo® team designed this stair nosing specifically to provide a permanent and extremely durable slip-resistant solution for tiled installations.

We took the unique benefits of our step-edge clarity, slip-resistance, and extreme durability and packaged them into this refined aluminum stair nosing. Ecoglo® tile nosing offers any facility strength, great aesthetics, safety, and code compliance.

Ecoglo M4.10-N30 Anti-Slip Carpet Stair-Treads
Ecoglo M4.125-N30 Anti-Slip Carpet Stair-Treads

Resilient Flooring Nosing

Ideal for resilient flooring as well as other thin floor materials, Ecoglo® Resilient Flooring Nosing is an incredibly durable aluminum available in several finishes. Extensively tested, this aluminum nosing is incredibly durable and will withstand years of UV weathering and outdoor exposure.

Environmentally friendly and featuring our anti slip silicon carbide material, Ecoglo® Resilient Floor Nosing ensures your stairway’s step-edges are clearly identified and safe for your patrons.

Ecoglo RF7B-N30 Anti-Slip Resilient Flooring Treads
Ecoglo RF7C-N30 Anti-Slip Resilient Flooring Treads

Slip Resistant Safety

All of Ecoglo®’s non slip stair nosing provides clear step-edge color contrasting, increasing your facility’s step-edge visibility and enhancing its safety to the benefit of your patrons. Paired with our incredibly durable anti-slip protection strips, Ecoglo® slip resistant stair nosing provides an elevated level of safety and code compliance packaged into an aesthetically pleasing package that won’t distract from your building’s design.

The unique ridges integrated into the anti slip stair nosing provide superior all-weather slip-resistance compared to our competitors. As such, applying Ecoglo® anti slip stair nosing to new builds, old builds, or remodels will significantly improve patron safety and bring the buildings up to code compliance.

International Building Code Compliance

Approved for use in commercial and public spaces by sections 1024 and 1025 of the International Building Code, we designed our non slip stair nosing to bring new and existing buildings up to code at a cost-effective price.

The Greener Choice

Ecoglo® products are some of the most environmentally friendly non slip stair nosing products available today. We took extra care to ensure our products are LEED Points qualified, ensuring Ecoglo® products contribute to making a facility safer and healthier to work, learn, and play in.

Ecoglo® products are also aluminum based and are 100% recyclable, making it waste-free aluminum nosing. Further, 20% of the aluminum in an Ecoglo® secondary billet specification is recycled scrap – because we believe in contributing to a greener and healthier planet earth.