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Ecoglo Non-slip step edge products provide step edge color contrast, long-lasting anti-slip protection and beautiful appearance. Ecoglo has a variety of solutions available for range of stair types.

Ecoglo N series strips are installed using ecoglo recommended premium polyurethane adhesive. The strength of the adhesive and rigidity of the product results in a permanent installation. Ecoglo N series strips can be installed on concrete, wood and metal stairs.

Ecoglo Flat Stair nosings are installed with adhesive and mechanical fasteners or adhesive only. They can be used on a range of substrates including concrete, timber, tiles, steel, checker plate, resilient flooring and thin carpeted stairs.

Ecoglo cast in place non-slip stair nosings are installed into wet concrete, flush with the concrete floor.

Ecoglo non-slip carpet stair nosings are installed on carpeted stairs using adhesive and mechanical fasteners.

M4.10 Tile Nosing profile is compatible with tiles that are between 3/16” and 11/32”
M4.125 Tile Nosing profile is compatible with tiles that are between 3/8” and 1/2”

Ecoglo resilient tile stair nosings are installed flush with resilient flooring, or other thin floor materials that have a similar thickness.