Custom ADA Signs

Ecoglo®’s custom ADA Signs make it easy for all occupants to easily navigate their way around your building, regardless of ability. Manufactured using our patented manufacturing process, these ADA signs are easily visible in all lighting conditions, aiding in a safe and efficient egress under any condition. Used alongside Ecoglo®’s full line of luminous egress path markings, our ADA signage helps to create a readily seen and easily followed egress pathway, while providing critical wayfinding information to persons of all abilities.

In addition to our photoluminescent signage, available finishes include acrylic, PVC, and brushed metal, and each sign features a non-glare finish with raised tactile graphics and braille.

*Ecoglo®’s ADA signs are available in a variety of sizes to make it easy to find the right solution for your facility. Each of our ADA signs are customizable to provide a wayfinding solution that is as unique as your facility.

ADA Signs General Information

  • Custom made for each location
  • Tactile raised letters (ICCA1171.1 compliant)
  • Braille beads
  • Raised tactile pictograms
  • No electricity required
  • Charged by natural or artificial light

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Code Compliance

Ecoglo®’s ADA signs are in compliance with the following ADA regulations:
  • Chapter 7: Communication Elements and Features, Section 703: Signs

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