N-Series Non-Slip Satir Strips

 Ecoglo N-Series Anti-Slip Stair Strips can be installed on concrete, wood and metal stairs. Ecoglo N series anti-slip strips are installed using ecoglo recommended premium polyurethane adhesive. The strength of the adhesive and rigidity of the product results in a permanent installation. Both our N20 and N30 Series of non-slip strips provide exceptional step-edge color contrast and long-lasting anti-slip protection for the safety of your patrons. LEED points qualified and Recyclable: No disposable cost. 

E20 Series

N20 Non-Slip Stair Strip measures 1 ½” wide can be installed in existing stairwells with stair treads made of concrete, wood, and metal. We recommend using premium polyurethane adhesive to ensures a permanent and reliable installation

E30 Series

The N30 Non-Slip Stair Strip measures 2″ wide and provides excellent anti-slip protection.  Using recommended polyurethane adhesive ensures a permanent, durable installation on a variety of substrates; such as concrete, wood, and metal.