Luminescent Resilient Flooring Nosings

Designed to be installed flush with resilient flooring or other thin floor materials, Ecoglo® Photoluminescent Resilient Flooring Nosing will provide your building with clear step edge visibility and fail-safe egress instructions in the event of an emergency.

Ecoglo® photoluminescent egress markings are also Section 1024 compliant and exceed stairway, building, and fire code lighting requirements around the world. Our UL 1994 certified glow in the dark stair nosing ensures you are buying a product you trust that will bring your building up to code.

Complete with our extremely durable and abrasion resistant non-slip strips, Ecoglo® Resilient Flooring Nosings are the ideal product to provide emergency lighting solutions for any tiled floor. Remember… with Ecoglo®, you’ll never miss a step!

RF7B-E30 Series

Designed out of standard anodized aluminum, like every Ecoglo® nosing product, the RF7B-E30 will seamlessly install into your tiled stairs and provide fail-safe egress instructions for your patrons.

RF7B-E40 Series

Featuring a 90-degree angle, 5 photoluminescent strips and a non-slip strip packed onto a 2.19″ surface, this model will fulfill all your emergency lighting needs.

RF7C-E30 Series

Equipped with an 85-degree angle, 3 of Ecoglo®’s advanced luminous strips, and our non-slip strip, this model will seamlessly fit into the right staircases and provide a stellar visibility solution.

RF7C-E40 Series

Also featuring an 85-degree angle, this resilient flooring nosing packs 5 photoluminescent strips and our signature non-slip material into its 2.19″ x 2″ body.