Ecoglo Photoluminescent Emergency Lightings

Never Miss a Step with Ecoglo® PL Lighting

Ecoglo®is a leading global innovator of UL certified photoluminescent egress path markings, photoluminescent exit signs, anti-slip stair treads and more. Each one of our products exceed international building code requirements. Ecoglo®’s reputation for innovative, durable products that are designed for use in high trafficked areas have led to product installments at the Pentagon, Rose Bowl Stadium, Hong Kong Convention Center, Burj Khalifa and countless stadiums, theatres, universities and many other institutions, both in the United States and around the world. Your project could be next!

Our patented manufacturing process, used only by Ecoglo®, embeds photoluminescent particles into a clear durable polymer which maximizes self-luminous properties. This process produces a product that is fast-charging, while also boasting long-lasting photoluminescent performance, and is both UV stable and highly durable.

Ecoglo® is International

With manufacturing facilities in both Buffalo, New York and Christchurch, New Zealand Ecoglo® has been supplying photoluminescent egress path marking systems, exit signs, PL lighting directional sign and anti-slip stair treads for major international venues for over 15 years.


Why Choose Ecoglo® Over Traditional Emergency Lighting?

Battery powered or electric emergency lighting backup systems may experience partial, or even total failure and have a limited operating time. With Ecoglo®PL lighting, photoluminescent pigments are continuously emitted for hours before needing to be recharged by exposure to a light source.

Luminous egress path markings create a pathway outlining elements such as steps, landings, doors and critical information such as a change in floor level or direction. Electrical lighting casts shadows on steps and can actually slow down egress speeds.

Where high mounted emergency exit signs can be extinguished by smoke in the air, self-illuminating exit signs remain visible in heavy smoke, creating a safe exit path, playing a vital life-saving role. The standard for photoluminescent egress path markings is low level continuous markings, less than 4 feet above floor level, providing an ideally lit path, even in smokey conditions.


When drained, an emergency light battery could take up to several days to recharge. An Ecoglo® PL lighting product, even if stored in a dark room for a week, can be charged in as little as 10 minutes, producing 2 hours of PL light.

Ecoglo®photoluminescent directional signs and anti-slip stair treads can easily be installed by any competent handyman. Many electric or battery operated exit signs require expensive installation by electricians. Non-Ecoglo®emergency lighting backup systems may require annual inspection and regular replacement of bulbs, exit sign batteries or generators. All you need to take care of your Ecoglo®products is a feather duster!

Ecoglo®emergency photoluminescent exit signs, egress path markings and all other products last 5 times longer than most other products on the market, having a life-span of 35 years.


Ecoglo® is the Environmentally Right Choice

Ecoglo®products are completely non-toxic and non-radioactive, unlike tritium exit signs.

Most electric or battery operated exit signs are not recyclable, and over 35 years will need to be replaced up to 7 times.  

With Ecoglo®, you won’t have to replace your PL lighting systems for 35 years, and when your product has reached the end of its life-span the aluminum can be recycled.

Every small step you take to reduce electricity usage helps save the environment and Ecoglo® helps you make the most environmentally right choice. Our LEED points qualified self-luminous egress path markings and other products let you recycle natural sunlight and artificial light, no electricity is required.

A PL Lighting Product you can Trust

We have extensively tested each of products to ensure exceptionally high performance. No matter the lighting condition, Ecoglo® luminous egress path marking systems can clearly guide persons out of the building in a safe and efficient manner.

The intensive accelerated UV/weather exposure each product has undergone ensures its durability.

The unique ridges in the photoluminescent strips protect the glowing areas from the most abrasive wear and tear, further protecting the product from delamination or peeling.

Working with Ecoglo®

Our consultative approach working with states, counties, facility owners, architects, engineers and general contractors has allowed us not only to develop a best in class product offering but also international code expertise that support these groups from the design stage through to occupancy. It’s this type of partnership approach that continues to reinforce customer confidence and exposes needs that drive new product development.

Our years of industry expertise allows us to bring you the best in PL lighting. From our patented manufacturing process, to our completely green products and international building code and international fire code knowledge and expertise gives you peace of mind, knowing you’ve chosen the right egress safety product, with Ecoglo®!