The Ecoglo Technical Advantage


Ecoglo products are manufactured using a patented process that is only used by Ecoglo. This tightly controlled application embeds the photoluminescent particles in a clear durable polymer.

The physical nature of the dry powder embedding process and the optical properties of the polymer ensure maximum efficiency of the photoluminescent particles to absorb useful wavelengths from a natural or artificial light source. This light then re-emits from the product towards a viewer’s eye.

Ecoglo products use a custom produced photoluminescent pigment which has greater longevity of glow than all the other pigments (over 100) which Ecoglo has sampled since 2001.

Ecoglo uses dry powder for maximum luminance.



All Ecoglo products are engineered to provide greater visibility than relevant codes and standards currently require. Photoluminescent visibility is affected by more than just brightness (‘Luminance’); the other factor is contrast against adjacent surfaces.

Contrast against adjacent surfaces is the critical parameter for visibility on a step edge. Ecoglo step-edge products incorporate a black anti-slip strip that provides excellent luminance contrast and color contrast to the PL strip, so the step edge is clearly defined in all lighting conditions: dark conditions, light conditions and twilight or dim conditions.

This means the Ecoglo products are visible from a greater distance and for a longer time after the lights go out. Ecoglo incorporates a black anti-slip strip for maximum visibility and edge contrast.


Durability Of Photoluminescence

The Ecoglo range has been subjected to accelerated UV/weathering exposure, and proven to be highly resistant to the effects of UV/weathering.

Testing has been extended from the usual 1000 hour or 2000 hour test, out to 6000 hours, which can be interpreted to be similar to around 30 years of outdoor exposure.

At 6000 hours exposure, while there is noticeable loss of gloss of the top surface, the loss in PL brightness is less than can be detected by the human eye (measured reduction of 5-8%).

The unique ridges in the photoluminescent strips protect the glowing areas from most abrasive wear, and other incidental abuse.

Ecoglo uses its patented process for maximum durability. Using powder means the polymer we use is “long chain” which forms a strong UV resistant product when bonding.


Installed Durability

The manufacture of all Ecoglo products involves the integral bonding of the photoluminescent layer to a rigid aluminum substrate, so there is no chance of delamination or peeling. Rigid products spread any applied loads over a greater area of installation adhesive.

Ecoglo signage uniquely incorporates an integrally bonded antigraffiti protective top coat over the print, which also protects the print from abrasive wear. Because this top layer bonds into the substrate, there is no chance of delamination or peeling.

Ecoglo bonds onto rigid aluminum and applies a protective top coat for greater installed durability.


Slip Resistance

The unique ridges in the Ecoglo photoluminescent strips and the integrated anti-slip contrast strips provide all-weather slip resistance.

Ecoglo combines ridges and anti-slip contrast strips for slip resistance.

Installation Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Ecoglo is charged by whatever light is available in the environment (whether indoors or outdoors).

It takes approximately 10 mins of sunlight or 60 mins of a 200 lux fluorescent light to fully charge Ecoglo. From fully charged Ecoglo is still visible after 11 hours.

The amount of light received will determine how long Ecoglo sustains its brightness. For example after 5 minutes of charging by a moderate light (eg 150 lux fluorescent light) Ecoglo will still be visible after 2.5 hours. After 30 minutes of charging, with the same light, Ecoglo will still be visible after 7 hours.

It takes approximately 10 minutes of sunlight to fully charge Ecoglo. From fully charged Ecoglo is still visible after 11 hours.

Note that Ecoglo is easily charged by indirect light even on an overcast day. Providing a window or skylight indoors will also be sufficient to charge Ecoglo.

Read detailed information on Charging times
Read detailed information on Luminance Decay

We use a strong polyurethane adhesive as well as screws/fixers on the full nosings or where there is concern over how level the surface is.

What is the green photoluminescent portion made of?

It is strontium aluminate, a mineral that is mined from the earth. Ecoglo receives it in a powder form, mix it with a clear durable polymer then bake it onto aluminum to provide a highly durable product. We have tested over 100 powders to ensure we have the best one for brightness and longevity.

Yes photoluminescent systems are being added to building codes around the world. As a result of a Task Force into safety after the 2001 World Trade Center attack all office buildings in New York, over 75 feet high, must now have photoluminescent markings in all exit pathways. The reference standard RS6.1 was promulgated in May 2005, and was referenced into the New York City building code by New York City Local Law 26, 2004. Performance requirements include a minimum luminance at 90 minutes of 5mcd/m2 and conformance to tests for flammability, toxicity, radioactivity, washability and (optionally) UV stability. Ecoglo products easily meet these code requirements.

ICC has followed the lead with new code being added to Chapter 10, Means of Egress, in the 2007 International Building Code Supplement. The new code requires non electrical exit path markings in new non-residential buildings of 75ft height or more. Markings are required on all step edges and handrails, and as perimeter markings of the exit pathways, including stairwell landings. The most recent ICC code hearings have confirmed the 2007 requirements and added requirements for low level exit signs, exit door frame markings and obstruction marking. These amendments will be published in the 2009 edition of the IBC.

Fluorescent, metal halide or mercury vapour lights are great sources of UV light – the best charging light for Ecoglo. Halogen and other incandescent filament lights are not as rich in UV so will need to be brighter for Ecoglo to work as well.
Correctly installed Ecoglo will last for up to 30 years.
Tests have shown that the Ecoglo system will not be affected by most cleaning chemicals, however avoid the use of highly alkaline (greater than pH 12) undiluted cleaning chemicals.

Many Ecoglo customers use high pressure water cleaning with no affect on the product. Steam cleaning is not recommended.

Ecoglo Ltd has applied for and/or been granted patents in a wide range of jurisdictions. The patents apply to the method of production, the apparatus used in production and the product itself.

Additional patent applications have been lodged relating to advances made by Ecoglo Ltd’s ongoing research and development activities.

The Ecoglo product set has been subjected to a range of ASTM tests for performance including luminance, washability, non-slip performance and resilience, UV resistance and others.

A full list of the tests and results can be obtained by contacting Ecoglo Customer Service at 888-679-4022.

If you’re looking for emergency backup lighting Ecoglo has a range of photoluminescent products that can keep users safe, such as: Step Contrast Strips, Non-Slip Strips, Photoluminescent Strips, Step & Handrail Products, Carpet Nosings,Handrail Strips, Thresholds and Markers & Signage.

Contact Ecoglo for a quick quote or to obtain more information about our emergency lighting products. You can also read our article about environmentally friendly Ecoglo exit signs.