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Luminous Egress Path Marking Code Compliance

Each of Ecoglo’s durable products meet and exceed luminous egress path marking codes set out by relevant building and fire codes.

Photoluminescent path markings and emergency exit signs are a fail-safe alternative to standard electrical or battery operated egress products. With Ecoglo products you don’t have to worry about losing visibility in an emergency situation.

Ecoglo products are approved luminous egress path markings, suitable for use in assembly, business, educational, institutional, mercantile and transient residential facilities.

Ecoglo self-luminous egress path marking meet section 1024 luminous egress path marking code and are approved for use in interior exit stairways, interior exit ramps and exit passageways.

Section 1024 states a solid and continuous strip shall be applied to the horizontal leading edge of each step and shall extend for the full length of the step. Ecoglo’s section 1024 luminous egress path markings are the perfect non-slip solution for your building.

The installation Ecoglo’s line of stair nosing and self-luminous egress path markings ensure your new building meets NFPA 101 photoluminescent code, or easily update your existing building to be luminous egress path markings code compliant.

As of March 30th, 2018 all apartment buildings and hotels in New York City must meet the specific guidelines laid out in the 3 RCNY 505-1 & RCNY 505-2, outlining the requirements for apartment and guest room identification signs along with directional markings and exit signs.

Section 1024 luminous egress path markings code compliance guide outlines the requirements for marking doors, frames, stairs, hardware and other components of egress path markings.

Like other building codes, the 2004 NYC LL 26 RS 6.1 requires buildings to mark doors leading to exits with illuminated emergency exit signs, among other directional signage and egress path markings. Ecoglo’s self-luminous egress path markings are fail safe and provide enhance egress speeds in all lighting conditions.

Section 1024 outlines the requirements for luminous egress path markings in accordance with the 2013 California Building Code. Ecoglo self-luminous egress path markings are often the top choice for compliant section 1024 luminous egress path markings.

Section 1025 of the California Building Code relates to means of egress, more specifically horizontal exits. Ecoglo provides exceptionally well-engineered products to enhance egress speeds, and improve safety, in all emergency situations, regardless of lighting conditions.

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