Luminous Egress Path Markings

Ecoglo® uses a patented manufacturing process to produce a wide range of luminous egress path marking products to provide a visibly better solution for all your pathfinding needs. Our photoluminescent stair nosings provide step-edge contrast while increasing slip-resistance and providing excellent step-edge visibility in all lighting conditions. Our full range of code compliant photoluminescent egress path markings ensures there’s a solution for every building.

Featured 1024 Compliant Luminous Egress Products

Our best-selling luminous egress path markings have been chosen by facility and building managers, architects and contractors across the nation to meet code compliance and modernize buildings.

F Series

Ecoglo®’s F Series Photoluminescent Flat Stair Nosings are a vital luminous egress path marking, which enhance egress speeds by increasing step-edge visibility and slip-resistance.

G Series

Our expertly engineered G Series Rigid Vinyl Luminous Handrail Strips enhance the speed and ease of egress in all lighting conditions.

Obstruction Markings

An important photoluminescent egress path marking for any building, the O Series Photoluminescent Obstruction Markings safely alert occupants of any obstructions along the way to the exit discharge.

RMA Series

Ecoglo®’s RMA Series Photoluminescent Exit Signs are fast-charging and long-lasting to ensure your building’s emergency egress pathway is brightly illuminated.

DMH Series

The DMH Series Photoluminescent Door Hardware Markings clearly mark an emergency exit door’s hardware to enhance egress safety in the case of a power failure.

World Class Egress Solutions

Unlike electrical or battery operated emergency lighting, ecoglo®’s luminous egress path markings will never let you down! Our patented photoluminescent technology is manufactured to glow brightly in dim, twilight, and dark lighting conditions for many hours, operating completely independently of the facility’s electrical power system. These photoluminescent egress path markings give occupants of your building the confidence to quickly and safely exit the building in emergency conditions.

The sample video seen here is actual footage from performance test of a 60-minute battery emergency lighting product versus ecoglo®’s luminous egress path markings in the same stairwell.

Our advanced photoluminescent technology is completely failsafe, acting as a building’s last line of defense in an emergency. ecoglo®’s photoluminescent egress path markings provide emergency egress instructions in crucial times, when patrons and occupants need it most.  Battery-powered egress solutions are liable to failure in the event of a power-outage, whereas ecoglo® photoluminescent egress path markings shine brightly, no matter the situation.

Remember, with ecoglo® you’ll never miss a step!

Exceptional Luminous Egress Path Markings

Ecoglo® offers a wide range of completely code compliant, long-lasting and highly durable luminous egress path markings, to bring any building up to code.

Ecoglo RC4-E40 Luminescent Stair Nosing for Carpet
Step Edge Markings

Photoluminescent stair nosings designed to provide clear step-edge visibility and are completely fail-safe.

Ecoglo H5001 Luminescent Handrail Strip
Handrail Markings

Expertly engineered and rigorously tested photoluminescent strips to provide clear luminous egress instructions and glow brightly.

Ecoglo G6001 Luminescent Guidance Strip
Perimeter Markings

Easy to install and extremely durable photoluminescent strips that provide industry-leading photoluminescent egress path marking solutions, and can be used in a variety of path marking applications.

Ecoglo G300F-OB Luminous Obstruction Makings Tape
Obstruction Markings

Self-luminous obstruction markings alert occupants to obstructions within the egress path by providing clear photoluminescent alerts, a fail-safe luminous egress path marking you can trust.

Ecoglo Photoluminescent Stairway Floor Identification Sign
Floor Identification Signs

This luminous egress path marking provides critical egress information to safely guide occupants towards the exit discharge, and glow brightly when needed the most.

Running Man with Directional Arrow
Directional Signage

When the power fails, ecoglo®’s photoluminescent exit signs release a bright, long-lasting glow to safely guide patrons to the nearest exit discharge.

Ecoglo DHM1010 Luminous Door Hardware Handle Marker
Door Hardware Markings

Door hardware markings are a key aspect of an effective luminous egress pathway, and glow brightly to mark an emergency exit door’s hardware.

Ecoglo G250R Luminous Perimeter Demarcation Strip
Express Path marking Series

A scratch resistant surface and long-lasting adhesive make these easy to apply photoluminescent egress path markings an excellent choice for upgrading any facility.


Ecoglo G250F-LL141 Luminous Path Marking Tape
Path Marking Tapes

Photoluminescent path marking tapes are easy to install and can be used in a variety of applications.

Build a Customized Luminous Egress Package

Every building is unique, and ecoglo® offers a wide range of luminous egress path markings to create an egress solution that is as unique as your building. Our expertly engineered photoluminescent emergency lighting products are completely non-toxic and non-radioactive and guaranteed to last.

Build a customized, code-compliant photoluminescent egress path marking package with ecoglo®. Contact one of our Egress Product Specialists at 630-881-9320

Ecoglo photo luminescent Stairs in dark

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