Luminous Contrast Strip Series

Ecoglo® Photoluminescent Contrast Strips are expertly engineered to provide incredible visibility in all lighting conditions and provide fail-safe egress instructions. As such, Ecoglo® E Series luminous contrast strips are ideal for stairways required by code to have luminous path markings.

Our non-slip photoluminescent strips also feature industry-leading weathering durability and abrasion resistance. Ecoglo®’s recommended adhesive is extremely strong as well and will result in a rigid and stable permanent installation. Our stair strips are also extremely versatile and can easily and safely be installed on concrete, wood, and metal stairs.

Easily cut through the darkness of emergency situations with Ecoglo®’s advanced photoluminescent contrast strips. Remember… with Ecoglo®, you’ll never miss a step!

E20 Series

The E20 Contrast Strip Series features 3 photoluminescent strips as well as an effective slip-resistant strip contained in a tidy installation that is 1.5” in length and 0.1” in height.

E30 Series

Featuring 3 luminous strips and a larger non-slip strip across a 2” long surface and 0.1” depth, Ecoglo®’s E30 Series Photoluminescent Contrast Strips will provide your building with fail-safe luminous path markings that will enhance egress speed in all light conditions.

E40 Series

The E40 Contrast Strip Series boasts 5 photoluminescent strips and a smaller non-slip strip packaged into a 2” long surface and 0.1” depth. This product is ideal for facilities that need a larger illuminated surface.

E4073 Strip

The 2” Wide E4073 Photoluminescent Step Edge Contrast Strip provide step edge visibility and enhance egress speed in all light conditions.