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The Ecoglo Advantage

Not only are Ecoglo® luminous egress path markings UL certified, our photoluminescent egress lighting products exceed the requirements in both the 2018 International Building Code and International Fire Code! Our luminescent egress path markings are the greener, safer choice for emergency lighting.

Widely used alternative luminescent egress lighting use liquid formulations which carry photoluminescent particles, which can suffer from settling out of the dense photoluminescent particles and result in an inconsistent, unreliable luminous light source.

Ecoglo® luminous egress path marking products on the other hand, are proven to provide hours of consistent, bright luminescent light. Our patented manufacturing process brings you a completely non-toxic and non-radioactive photoluminescent egress path markings which are not only better for the environment, but are incredibly durable and long-lasting.


To maximize luminance, Ecoglo® luminous egress path markings and  photoluminescent egress lighting products are manufactured using a patented process. This process utilizes a dry powder, embedded into our PL products. The tightly controlled application method embeds photoluminescent particles in a clear durable polymer, that visibly glows for hours.

The physical nature of the dry powder embedding process and the optical properties of the polymer ensure maximum efficiency of the photoluminescent particles to absorb useful wavelengths from a natural, or artificial light source. This light then re-emits from the product towards a viewer’s eye. Ecoglo®s luminous egress path markings feature a custom produced pigment, which has a great longevity than more than 100 alternative pigments. With more than 20 years of experience, Ecoglo® has perfected this pigment and implemented it into all our photoluminescent egress path markings.

The luminous properties found in Ecoglo® products are un like any other luminous egress path markings on the market. Our PL products have been subjected to rigorous testing to ensure a long-lasting, reliable luminous glow. For hours after a building’s power has failed, you can rely on Ecoglo® photoluminescent egress path markings to safely guide occupants to the exit discharge.

Photoluminescent Nosings installed on Wooden Stairs


Years of expert engineering, industry expertise, and rigorous testing have gone into each and every Ecoglo® luminous egress path marking products. We pride ourselves on the fact that our PL products provide a greater sense of visibility than that which is required by all relevant building codes and standards.

The clear visibility of Ecoglo® luminescent egress path markings goes beyond luminance or brightness. Our egress path marking products go above and beyond and provide a stark visual contrast against adjacent surfaces, allowing for enhanced visibility in all lighting conditions.

Ecoglo®’s range of anti-slip stair nosings incorporate the use of an anti-slip strip, available in black, gray and yellow, to provide excellent contrast, enhancing step-edge visibility. The contrast between the photoluminescent strip in our anti-slip stair nosings with the anti-slip strip creates a clearly defined step-edge in all lighting conditions; dark, light, twilight, and dim!

Compared to all other PL products on the market, Ecoglo®’s luminous egress path markings are visible from a greater distance, and a substantially longer duration after a building’s power has failed.

Durability of photoluminescence

Ecoglo®’s luminous egress path markings are highly resistant to the effects of UV/weathering, and have undergone accelerated UV/weathering testing to ensure their extreme durability for both indoor and outdoor installations. Standard code compliance testing calls for 1000 or 2000 testing hours, but Ecoglo® photoluminescent egress path markings have extended far beyond that, testing our products to 6000 hours, which is comparable to roughly 30 years of outdoor exposure. After 6000 hours of exposure, there was no noticeable loss of gloss on the top surface. The photoluminescent light’s brightness diminished less than what is even detectable by the human eye, an approximate loss of 5-8%.

The unique ridges found in our photoluminescent strips and luminous egress path markings protect the glowing areas of the product from the most abrasive wear and tear, lengthening the lifespan of Ecoglo®’s products. The dry powder utilized in Ecoglo®’s manufacturing process produces a long-chain polymer, which forms a strong UV resistant product during bonding.

Our luminous egress path markings are built to last, and are sure to keep your facility’s egress path well-lit in all conditions, for many years to come, without maintenance or replacement.

Installed Durability

Ecoglo®’s photoluminescent egress lighting products, directional signage and luminous egress path markings are built to last! Our PL products are manufactured by integrally bonding a photoluminescent layer, which utilizes our specially engineered pigment, to either a rigid vinyl or aluminum substrate for increased durability. Additionally, this process eliminated the chance of delamination or peeling of Ecoglo® luminous egress path markings.

Ecoglo®’s photoluminescent exit signs, directional signage and other luminescent egress path markings boast an anti-graffiti protective top-coat over the print, to keep your PL products easily visible and glowing brightly. Additionally, this layer provides protection against abrasive wear. The top layer bonds into the substrate, eliminating the chances of delamination or peeling of your luminous egress path markings.

Ecoglo Luminous Stair Nosing

Slip Resistance

One of the most critical luminous egress path markings are stair nosings. Each of our photoluminescent stair nosings, and anti-slip stair nosings have integrated unique ridges into the aluminum substrate to provide incredible, all-weather slip resistance.  Ecoglo®’s expertly engineered polymer, used in all of our luminous egress path markings, easily withstands UV weathering and is durable enough to be used for both indoor and outdoor long-term installations.

Thousands of people can walk on our slip-resistant stair nosing without showing any signs of wear and tear – an incredible durability that will serve your facility for years. On top of our industry-leading durability, Ecoglo® slip-resistant products also feature a hard-wearing surface that is abrasion resistant, therefore protecting your stair nosing from scratches or additional damage.

Ecoglo® anti-slip stair nosing and luminous egress path markings require very little maintenance, and will provide your building with reliable, long-lasting anti-slip protection for years to come.

Ecoglo US has installed Life-Saving Egress Products  all across the United States, most notably  in buildings such as The pentagon, Madison Square Garden, Fox Plaza,  The Time Warner Center and The Rose Bowl. 

Your project could be next! Request a free quote today to bring your building up to code with a visibly better luminous egress path marking product.