Why Should I Install Anti-Slip Stair Nosing?

For any new construction or renovation project, safety is of the utmost importance. One safety aspect, which can sometimes go over looked, is stair treads. With hundreds, if not thousands, of patrons walking through your facility your stairs are subjected to heavy wear and tear. This wear and tear can lead to potential safety issues, such as slips, trips and even falls.

As a preventive and protective measure install non slip stair nosing.

Non Slip Stair Nosing make your Building Safer

How do Anti-Slip Stair Nosing Improve Safety?

The level of safety added to your building because of anti-slip stair nosing is two-fold. Firstly they improve step edge visibility. The color of the anti-slip grip contrasts the substrate of the stair tread which clearly defines the step-edge. Many anti-slip stair nosing come with a photoluminescent strip, which further aids in step-edge visibility, especially in low light conditions.


Installing stair nosing protects steps from wear and tear, enhancing the durability of the stair tread. The tough material of stair nosings spreads the impact load over the whole stair tread and helps to preventive maintenance and replacement costs in the future.

What Are the IBC Requirements for Slip-Registrant Stair Nosing?

A stair nosing is the leading edge of a stair tread, and according to Section 1011.5.5 of the 2010 International Building Code, the nosings of each stair tread should not project more than 1 ¼ inches or 32 mm beyond the below stair tread. Nosings that are found on each leading edge of the stair treads are expected to be uniform in size. A nosing is also expected to be installed on the landing floor where the flight of stairs begins and should also be uniform size with the other stair nosing.

Installing Anti-Slip Stair Nosings on a Variety of Substrates

Every project is different, so it is important to find the anti-slip stair nosing that is going to be the best fit with your project. There are plenty of options, whether you are adding anti-slip nosings retroactively or including them in a new build.

For concrete, wood, and metal stairs, aluminum stair nosings can be installed using a premium polyurethane adhesive. Before installing, make sure the aluminum stair nosing is rigid enough for your application. Carpeted and tiled stairs may require an alternative installation method.

For new concrete stairs you may consider installing cast in place aluminum stair nosing. This installation method ensures a long-lasting, highly-durable installation.

Luminescent Non-Slip Stair Nosing

Step edge visibility is a crucial aspect of an egress pathway, in any facility. To ensure safety, in all lighting conditions, many facilities have installed photoluminescent anti-slip stair nosings. After the power has failed, these glow in the dark stair nosings shine to light up the buildings luminous egress path way.

The installation of anti-slip stair nosing in your facility can go a long way in protecting the building from wear and tear, as well as protecting patrons from slips and trips. To increase step edge visibility, photoluminescent anti-slip nosings provide visual contrast and glow in the dark properties for when the power fails.

Ecoglo®’s expertly engineered Anti-Slip Stair Nosing will provide your facility with long-lasting and extremely durable non-slip protection – reducing the risk of slips and falls for years to come. Manufactured using our incredible polymer, these Anti-Slip Nosing strips can withstand years of UV weathering and are durable enough for both indoor and outdoor long-term installations. We have ensured the hard-wearing surface of our non-slip stair nosing is abrasion resistant, protecting your Ecoglo® step-edge nosing from scratches or additional damages caused by heavy foot traffic. With Ecoglo®, there’s no need to worry, as thousands of patrons can walk on our non-slip stair nosing with no signs of wear and tear.

The most important characteristic is that our Anti-Slip Nosings provides clear step-edge color contrasting, increasing your facility’s step-edge visibility and enhancing its safety to the benefit of your patrons. Paired with our incredibly durable non-slip protection strips, Ecoglo® non-slip stair nosing provides an elevated level of safety and code compliance packaged into an aesthetically pleasing package that won’t distract from your building’s design. The unique ridges integrated into the non-slip stair nosing provide superior all-weather slip-resistance compared to our competitors. As such, applying Ecoglo® non-slip stair nosing to new builds, old builds, or remodels will significantly improve patron safety and bring the buildings up to code compliance.

Ecoglo®’s Anti-Slip Nosings are also approved for use in commercial and public spaces by sections 1024 and 1025 of the International Building Code. We are also the greener choice, as our products are LEED Points qualified, ensuring Ecoglo® products contribute to making a facility safer and healthier to work, learn, and play in. Ecoglo® products are also aluminum based and are 100% recyclable, making it waste-free aluminum nosing. Further, 20% of the aluminum in an Ecoglo® secondary billet specification is recycled scrap – because we believe in contributing to a greener and healthier planet earth.

We offer Anti-Slip Nosing inserts that consist only of our hard-wearing silicon carbide non-slip material available in three different colors to still provide step edge visibility without the use of photoluminescence. The aluminum finish on the Anti-Slip Stair Nosings are also available in Black, Light Bronze and, Dark Bronze Anodize finishes.