The Must Haves for Reliable Emergency Lighting

Under the chaos of emergency egress, the building’s back up lighting systems prevent occupants from panicking, by clearly marking the path towards the exit, making it easy to follow. After the power has failed, it is imperative the emergency lighting system stays on long enough for all occupants to safely exit the building.

Aside from lighting the exit path, emergency egress lighting is used to mark obstructions or hazards along the path, including step edges in emergency stairwells.

Having a reliable emergency lighting systems helps to prevent tragedy in emergency situations and ensures occupants can easily find the exit. Required by international building, fire, and life safety codes, photoluminescen egress path markings are the ideal choice for the emergency lighting system in your building.

Ecoglo: The must haves for reliable emergency lighting

No Back Up Power Required

Photoluminescent egress path markings operate completely independently of the building’s power system and do not require any batteries or back up power. When the building’s power fails, the luminous egress path markings remain unaffected, turning on without any help. Luminous egress path markings absorb surrounding light, from either natural or artificial sources, and release it back as a bright glow once placed in the dark.

Without the need for complicated electrical installation or frequent battery replacement, luminous egress path markings are extremely reliable, giving you the peace of mind knowing occupants will be able to safely exit the building in any condition.

Long Lasting

Once the power goes out, it is essential the emergency lighting system provides sufficient light and stays on long enough for occupants to exit the building. Code compliance regulations require at least 90 minutes of luminance from photoluminescent egress path markings. Not only does this requirement ensure occupants of high-rise buildings have sufficient time to exit, but aids emergency first responders as the preform their job duties.

Where traditional emergency lighting systems may fail during emergency evacuation, photoluminescent egress path markings can provide a bright light for hours after a power failure.

Easily Seen

In order to best guide occupants to the exit discharge, luminous egress path markings must remain easily visible. Photoluminescent path markings and exit signs are a better choice than traditional lighting options as their low-level installation does not cast shadows and cuts through smoke, remaining easily visible in all conditions. Additionally, luminous egress path markings are tested to ensure visibility from a distance and are available in different visibility ratings, such as 50 or 75 feet.

Photoluminescent egress path markings remain visible in bright, low and dark lighting conditions and provide clear egress instructions in all light, ensuring occupants can safely make their way towards the exit discharge no matter the conditions.

Maintenance Free

The last thing you want to think about in an emergency is whether the emergency lighting system is going to come on, or if they have been serviced regularly. Because they do not require any power, photoluminescent exit signs do not need to undergo regular maintenance or inspections. Simply ensuring photoluminescent path markings have sufficient exposure to surrounding light sources and are not being blocked from the light is enough to ensure your emergency lighting system will come on when needed the most!

Ecoglo’s luminescent stair nosings and photoluminescent strips provide excellent visibility in all lighting conditions and are completely fail-safe. Patrons can safely, and confidently, exit your building in an emergency, thanks to Ecoglo. We understand that each and every emergency exit stairwell is unique, and Ecoglo caters to these differences. Ecoglo offers stair nosings for stairs made of concrete, metal, carpet, tile and more! Each style of nosing is available in three color options, multiple size ranges, and even different aluminum finishes. Our stair nosings are LEED certified, provide high visibility in dark or light conditions, are durable enough for indoor and outdoor applications, are hard wearing, and easy to clean. Learn more about our multiple stair nosing options here !