The Key Luminous Egress Path Markings for Any Building

Following a power failure, the back-up emergency lighting is your building’s last line of defense to facilitate a safe and timely egress of all occupants. For buildings and venues of all sizes and capacity limits, luminous egress path markings are the ideal, code compliant choice for supplementary emergency lighting!

Ensuring key points along the egress pathway remain easily visible and clearly communicating egress information is vital during an emergency egress. By using these key luminous egress path markings along the exit pathway in your building, you can help to ensure a safer egress under all lighting conditions.

Key luminous egress path markings for any building

Floor Identification Signs

Installed according to IFC/IBC standards, floor identification signs are to be installed at each floor landing withing an interior exit stairway. These luminous egress path markings communicate important information for both occupants and emergency first responders. Each floor identification sign displays the floor level, terminus of top and bottom levels, the level and direction of exit discharge and whether the roof can be accessed.

This key luminous egress path marking directs occupants to the final exit discharge and remains easily visible in all lighting conditions, enhancing egress speeds and safety in all conditions.

Luminous Stair Nosings

Step-edge visibility is important under all conditions and cannot be overlooked or understated when preparing for emergency egress. Photoluminescent strips applied to the leading edge of the step provides step edge visibility in all lighting conditions but is especially crucial during a loss of power. Even in the dark, occupants can clearly see the step edge, giving them the confidence to quickly descend the stairs, following the egress path.

Unlike overhead emergency lighting, photoluminescent strips do not cast shadows, further improving step-edge visibility in darkened conditions, making them a key egress path marking for any exit stairway.

Perimeter Markings

Delineating the perimeter of the egress pathway, photoluminescent strips are used to keep occupants within the egress path and headed in the right direction, towards the exit discharge. Similarly, luminous egress path markings are applied to any obstacles along the egress path to warn of obstacles to avoid, creating a safer egress pathway.

Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Exit signs are used to communicate the direction to and location of the final exit discharge, and are an important part of building safety, under emergency conditions or not. In a non-emergency, exit signs help occupants to find their way around large, or unfamiliar spaces, and in emergency situations, photoluminescent exit signs remain brightly lit for occupants to follow.

Photoluminescent exit signs remain easily seen from a distance under all lighting conditions in order to quickly and easily communicate the location of the final exit discharge to all occupants.

The installation of a few luminous egress path markings can go a long way in enhancing the safety of any facility! Not only are luminous egress path markings required by code compliance regulations, but they have proven to be useful tools in emergency egresses.   As the industry’s leader in photoluminescent technology, ecoglo® provides a full range of photoluminescent egress path markings, to ensure the right solution for every facility. Rely on our code compliance expertise, and industry leading warranties, for luminous egress path markings you can trust!