The Importance of Using Photoluminescent Egress Lighting

When an emergency strikes, the last thing a building manager wants to be thinking about is turning on the emergency exit lighting! Getting occupants out of the building quickly and safely is the number one priority, so installing an emergency lighting system you can trust is crucial.

The installation of luminous egress path markings is not only important for building safety, but is required by international building, fire, and life safety codes, as well as local and federal building codes.

Importance of using Luminous Egress Lighting

Don’t Get Left in the Dark

One of the defining features of photoluminescent egress path markings is the easily visible, and steady glow produced once the power goes out.

Luminous egress path markings and photoluminescent lighting products do not require the use of any back up power, meaning no replacing batteries, no electrical wiring, or complicated installations. Photoluminescent path markings simply absorb the light around them, from either natural or artificial light sources, and release it as a bright glow-in-the-dark light once the power fails.

This means you will never have to worry about whether the emergency lighting system in your building will come on! There’s no flip to switch or timely and costly inspections to endure or replacements required.

Long-Lasting Light

In addition to coming on when they are needed the most, luminous egress path markings are made to last.

When installed correctly and lightly maintained, luminous egress path markings can reach a life expectancy of 20 years, or even more! Not only are photoluminescent egress lighting systems a reliable, long-term solution, they provide hours of photoluminescent light.

After gaining a full charge, luminous egress path markings can provide more than 8 hours of continuous, steady light in even the darkest conditions. The long-lasting light source provided by luminous egress path markings ensures the egress pathway stays well-lit long enough for all occupants to find their way to the final exit discharge, which is especially important in high-rise buildings.

Easy to Follow Directions

With a specially designed photoluminescent egress path marking for every aspect of your building’s egress pathway, it’s easy to create a clearly marked and easy to follow egress pathway, guiding occupants to the exit discharge in all lighting conditions.

In light or dark conditions, photoluminescent exit signs and other directional signage, such as floor identification signs, communicate important egress information, such as the way to and location of the final exit discharge. Once the power goes out, perimeter demarcation markings and obstruction markings keep occupants safely within the egress pathway, while photoluminescent handrail and step edge markings give occupants the confidence to quickly exit the building.

In an emergency, or not, luminous egress path markings guide occupants to the final exit, safely and efficiently.

Photoluminescent egress path markings play a vital, and potentially lifesaving, role in the safe evacuation of high-rise buildings in emergency conditions. Put your building in the best hands, and trust ecoglo®’s carefully designed and expertly manufactured luminous egress path markings to guide occupants to safety, no matter the lighting conditions! Ecoglo offers a full range of photoluminescent egress path markings to ensure every aspect of any building’s egress pathway is clearly marked and easily visible, in all lighting conditions! Find your local code compliance expert and get started on building a visibly better egress pathway in your building today!