Step by Step: Choosing the Best Stair Nosing for Your Building

Walked over without much of a thought, stair nosings play an important role in egress safety, as well as in day-to-day safety. Step-edge markings, such as anti-slip stair nosings, not only protect the part of the step that wears down the quickest, but helps to prevent against slips and trips.

To ensure your building is prepared to support safe egress, the exit stairways should be fully equipped with all required safety measures, including stair nosings.

There are a variety of characteristics to consider when choosing the best stair nosing for your application.

Step-Edge Visibility

Clear step-edge visibility helps prevent falls and trips, which anti-slip stair nosings can provide. It is important to ensure the stair nosing chosen provides a color contrast against the installation substrate. A black non-slip strip, for example, provides a stark color contrast against concrete steps.

Luminous egress path markings not only provide excellent visibility in dark conditions, but when used on step-edges can provide step-edge visibility in all lighting conditions.  


Step-edges suffer from the wear and tear of daily foot traffic. Consequently stair nosings must be durable enough to withstand wear and tear without the need for constant replacement. Aluminum based anti-slip stair nosing prove to withstand daily wear and tear, for years longer than some other materials.

Not only are aluminum anti-slip stair nosings durable, but they are also easy to clean. Keeping the step-edges visible in your building is critical for safety and the build-up of dirt and grime can negatively affect visibility.

Glow in the dark tape is commonly used on step-edges as a form of luminous egress path markings, but not only does this material wear out and peel quickly and require replacement, but they are difficult to keep clean.


Like everything in life, cost can be a major determining factor in picking the right anti-slip stair nosing for your building. Where some peel and stick materials may be cheaper up front, they could end up costing much more in the long run. Investing in a durable anti-slip stair nosing, which will not require frequent replacement, is the more cost-effective option, and safer!

Slip Resistance

The most important aspect of anti-slip stair nosings is their slip resistance, of course! While some stair nosings provide step-edge visibility by acting as luminous egress path markings, they offer very little to no slip resistance. Additionally, if not installed correctly some stair nosings may end up posing as a tripping hazard after some wear and tear.

For enhanced safety, inside and out, look for anti-slip stair nosings with a tough, long-lasting non-slip grip.

Although stair nosings may often go over looked, they are a valuable part of building safety, especially when it comes to creating a safe egress path way in your building. Using the above guidelines will help ensure the best safety solution for your building! Click here to download our step by step comparison chart.

Ecoglo® offers a range of non-slip stair nosings which enhance step-edge visibility in all lighting conditions, while providing crucial anti-slip protection. Our photoluminescent step-edge markings work as a great addition to our full line of luminous egress path markings, to create a code compliant egress pathway in your building!