The Benefits of Photoluminescent Step-Edge Markings

Creating a luminous egress pathway in your high-rise building, arenas and stadiums is a fail-safe way to provide emergency exit lighting and ensure critical wayfinding information is visible in all lighting conditions. Aside from photoluminescent exit signs, directional signage and perimeter markings, adding a photoluminescent strip along the leading edge of each stair in the exit stairwell is crucial to emergency egress safety.

In addition to meeting code compliance, installing photoluminescent step-edge markings in the exit stairwells provides your building with a myriad of benefits, some of which you may not have considered!

Step-Edge Visibility

Enhancing step-edge visibility has been shown to reduce stair-related injuries, such as trips and falls. The installation of photoluminescent step-edge nosings ensures the step-edge remains clearly visible in all lighting conditions, which helps to ensure foot clearance, making ascending and descending the stairs easier and safer for all persons.

Once the power has been lost, the photoluminescent strip ensures the step-edges remain easily visible, allowing for a safer, and more efficient emergency egress

Easily Installed

Photoluminescent step-edge markings can be easily installed, and even provided in customized sizes to best suit your application. Additionally, there are a wide range of varying profiles that are best suited for a myriad of substrates and stair angles.

No Maintenance Required

Once installed, photoluminescent step-edge nosings do not require any maintenance, aside from the occasional dusting. The photoluminescent strip is charged from exposure to surrounding light sources, either natural or artificial, and do not require electricity or power to turn on, ensuring they are ready for when you need them the most. Unlike other emergency lighting systems, photoluminescent step-edge nosings do not require timely and costly inspections.

Provides Non-Slip Grip

The installation of photoluminescent step-edge nosings further enhances egress safety, while decreasing the risk of stair related injuries by providing an extra layer of traction on the step. The non-slip strip provides protection against slips and falls in all conditions, wet or dry!

Lengthens the Life Span of Stairs

Typically, the step-edge is the most used part of the stair. Under heavy foot traffic, this part of the stair is likely to deteriorate quickly, and not well maintained can present a serious safety concern. The installation of  step-edge nosings, however, protects the most used part of the stair, lengthening the service life of the entire stairway and further increasing your return on investment.  

Photoluminescent step-edge markings can provide many benefits to your building, including upgrading the look and feel of the building while enhancing safety and reducing the time and money spent on maintenance.

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