Luminous Egress in Texas

With the implementation of the 2015 International Building Code, all high-rise  buildings in Texas must install luminous egress signage and path markings in all  stairways and landings. For luminous egress in Texas, Ecoglo® provides you with  every durable, long-lasting photoluminescent product you need, to bring your  building up to code

Your #1 Choice for Code Compliant Luminous Egress Path Markings in Texas

Ecoglo® has been providing the state of Texas with luminous egress solutions for over 30 years, long before they became mandatory. Our
expertly engineered products provide a bright photoluminescent light, easily visible in all lighting conditions, and taking the guess work out of your egress path.

Facilities featuring the Ecoglo Photoluminescent range of products are significantly safer and exceed regulations set out in the Building
Code of the Texas Industrialized Housing and Buildings Program.

Remember.. with Ecoglo, you’ll never miss a step!

Ecoglo H3001 Photoluminescent Handrail Markings

Providing a Safe and Illuminated Egress Path

The importance of improving the visibility of stair treads, handrails, and obstructions under emergency conditions cannot be understat-ed. Vision can often be compromised in such situations and under duress, so it is crucial for patrons of buildings to be able to easily find their way out to safety. Luminous and photoluminescent mark-ing systems can save lives, as they shine brightly when everything else fails.

Knowing this, it is understandable that Texas would implement lu-minous egress as a mandatory section of the state’s building codes. Complying with the Texas Industrialized Housing and Buildings Pro-gram ensures a safe evacuation for building residents during worst case conditions – saving lives and avoiding tragedy in the process.

Luckily, Ecoglo® provides industry-leading luminous egress prod-ucts that are cost-effective and easy to install and maintain.

Luminous Egress Path Marking Code Compliance in Texas

In the most recent building Code, Building Code of the Texas Industrialized Housing and Buildings Program the state of Texas made it mandatory for all existing high-rise buildings to install a luminous egress path marking system. It’s not only existing buildings that need to provide an illuminated path, but all new high-rise residential buildings and commercial buildings must also follow the regulations for luminous egress path markings.

Section 1025 provisions provide an additional level of safety to buildings’ egress paths by requiring
the installation of photoluminescent or self-illuminating marking systems that do not require electrical power and the associated wiring and circuits. This means that even if a building’s power  supply fails to operate, photoluminescent egress markings ensures occupants can safely egress a  building via exit stairways. This is especially necessary in high-rise buildings, which feature a greater anticipated occupant load and occupants which way not be familiar with the emergency exit path.

Review Texas Building Code Guidelines here:

Fire and Building Safety

The goal of the State Fire Marshal is to reduce the loss of life and property through prevention, education, and protection, and Ecoglo® is here to help! Our luminous egress path marking products provide excellent protection for each and every patron of your building. By providing an egress path lit by photoluminescent signs and stair nosings, patrons or residents are able to exit the building, quickly and safely in an emergency situation, protecting them from any unnecessary danger.

Recommended Products for Texas

For your new or existing projects, browse the range of Ecoglo® products, hand-picked just for Texas.

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