Ecoglo RF7B-E40 Luminescent Resilient Flooring Stair Nosing
Ecoglo RFA7B151 Luminescent Resilient Flooring Stair Nosing
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Ecoglo RFA7B161 Luminescent Resilient Flooring Stair Nosing
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Ecoglo RFA7B151 Luminescent Resilient Flooring Stair Nosing
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RF7B-E40 Luminescent Resilient Flooring Nosing

We designed our RF7B-E40 Photoluminescent Anodized Aluminum Stair Nosing so it can easily be installed flush with resilient flooring. Its combination of bright photoluminescent strips and anti-slip stair strips provide clear step edge visibility and will enhance egress speed under all light conditions. We designed this aluminum stair nosing with a 90-degree angle, allowing it to be installed over most steps and staircases. We at Ecoglo® are proud of this product and are confident it will both bring your facility up to code and complement its design at a cost-effective price.

Ecoglo® is industry-leading amongst luminous signs suppliers in producing highly effective visibility solutions that will reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents in your building. We use a patented manufacturing process to produce fast-charging and long-lasting photoluminescent technologies that are both highly durable and UV stable. Remember… with Ecoglo®, you’ll never miss a step!


Ecoglo RF7B-E40 Photoluminescent Resilient Flooring Stair Nosing Dimensions

General Information

  • Install this anti-slip stair nosing flush with resilient flooring using adhesive and mechanical fasteners.
  • Our aluminum stair nosing comes supplied with stainless steel fasteners, concrete nylon anchors, and pre-drilled countersunk holes – the standard location of which is 2” from each end and approximately 12” apart.
  • This product is available in standard lengths of 8ft and 10ft and can also be ordered in cut to length sizes (Tolerance + or – 1/8”).
  • We supply the inserts unattached but can be easily installed over the mechanical fasteners using a polyurethane adhesive (which is included). Inserts can be cut using a shear, while the aluminum nosing should be cut with a saw. Warning: cutting inserts with a saw will damage the saw blade.
  • Weight: 0.586 lbs/ft.

Aluminum Finish

  • Our aluminum stair nosing is available in a Clear Anodized Aluminum Finish.
  • Black, Light Bronze, and Dark Bronze Anodized finishes are available for an additional cost.
Metal Stair Nosing Engineered for Durability
  • We manufacture our stair strips using Ecoglo®’s patented process to produce the most efficient and durable photoluminescent stair nosing on the market.
  • The unique ridges in the photoluminescent strips protect the product from most abrasive wear.
  • Thousands of people can walk on our aluminum stair nosing without it showing any wear and tear due to the integral bonding of the hard-wearing silicon carbide non-slip material to the stair strips’ aluminum substrate.
  • The thick anodized finish is aesthetically pleasing, prevents corrosion, and is extremely hard and abrasion-resistant. This anodized aluminum surface is harder than pure aluminum and is second only to the hard-crystalline structure of diamonds.
Step Edge Safety
  • Our design team made sure that the non-slip strips on our aluminum stair nosing clearly contrasts with the advanced photoluminescent technology to provide stellar step edge visibility in all light conditions.
  • We designed the unique ridges in the Ecoglo® photoluminescent strips and the integrated anti-slip contrast strips to provide superior all-weather slip resistance.
Aluminum Stair Nosing for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • We test our metal stair nosing under accelerated UV/weathering exposure to prove every product is highly resistant to the effects of UV/weathering.
  • When subjected to 6,000 hours of UV exposure, which is similar to 30 years of outdoor exposure, the loss in our aluminum nosing’s performance cannot even be detected by the human eye.
  • Ecoglo® uses a “long chain” polymer in its patented manufacturing process to create a strong UV resistant product when bonding.
Environmentally Friendly Aluminum Stair Nosing
  • Ecoglo® cares about creating a sustainable future, and as such have designed our aluminum stair nosing to be LEED Points qualified. This means our product will improve your building’s energy efficiency and contribute towards a greener future.
  • Our stair strips will consume zero energy in your facility thanks to their photoluminescent strips that are powered by existing lights in your building.
  • Like every Ecoglo® product, this product is non-toxic and non-radioactive.
  • Our metal stair nosing can be easily recycled at no additional disposal cost.