Ecoglo S4-E40 Series Luminescent Cast In Place Stair Tread
Ecoglo SA4071 Luminous Cast In Place Stair Nosing
SA4071 (Black)
Ecoglo SA4061 Luminous Cast In Place Stair Nosing
SA4061 (Grey)
Ecoglo SA4051 Luminous Cast In Place Stair Nosing
SA4051 (Yellow)

S4-E40 Luminescent Cast In Place Stair Nosing

The 2.2” wide S4-E40 photoluminescent cast in place stair nosing provides excellent step edge visibility while enhancing egress speeds in all lighting conditions. This luminous egress path marking product will add an industry-leading level of safety to your facility. Installed directly into wet concrete, the S4-E40 is ideal for new concrete steps, and will protect the steps from wear and tear for years to come. 


Ecoglo S4-E40 Series Luminous Cast In Place Stair Nosing Dimensions

General Information

  • Install into wet concrete. Used on concrete stairs, concrete-filled steel pan stairs, and pre-cast concrete stairs.
  • Available in cut to length sizes. (Tolerance +or- 1/8”) Standard lengths are 8ft and 10ft.
  • Inserts Attached or Unattached – Inserts unattached can be installed later to ensure the product is clean and has not been damaged during construction. Inserts are installed with a premium polyurethane adhesive.
  • A clear protective tape wraps around the product to keep the product clean during installation. To remove, cut the tape along the edges and peel away.
  • Weight: 0.468 lbs/ft.

Aluminum Finish

  • 6063-T5 Mill finish aluminum with a clear acrylic lacquer finish to prevent corrosion.

Engineered for Durability:

  • Manufactured using Ecoglo’s patented process which produces the most durable and highly efficient photoluminescent product available.
  • Unique ridges in the photoluminescent strips protect it from most abrasive wear. They provide slip resistance while still allowing the product to be easily cleaned.
  • The hard-wearing silicon carbide non-slip material is integrally bonded to the aluminum substrate. Thousands of people can walk on it with no signs of wear and tear.

Superior Step Edge Safety:

  • The color contrasting the non-slip material with advanced photoluminescent technology provides step edge visibility in all light conditions.
  • The unique ridges in the Ecoglo® photoluminescent strips and the integrated anti-slip contrast strips provide all-weather slip resistance.

For Indoor Use and Outdoor Use:

  • Tested to accelerated UV/weathering exposure, and proven to be highly resistant to the effects of UV/weathering.
  • The loss in performance is less than can be detected by the human eye when subjected to 6000 hours of UV exposure, which is similar to 30 years of outdoor exposure.
  • The polymer used in Ecoglo’s patented process is “long chain” which forms a strong UV resistant product when bonding.

Environmentally Friendly Photoluminescent Aluminum Stair Nosing: