Ecoglo G250F Luminous Path Marking Tape

G250F Luminescent Path Marking Tape

Measuring at 1” wide, the G250F Photoluminescent Path Marking Tape is versatile enough to fit a variety of luminous egress path marking applications. Once applied to a clean, dry surface this glow in the dark tape forms a strong bond, ensuring a long-lasting luminous egress path marking solution. After gaining a charge from either a natural or artificial light source, Ecoglo®’s photoluminescent path marking tape glows in the dark for hours after the power has gone out, illuminating your egress path. Whichever application you chose to use our glow in the dark tape, it will help to enhance the safety and speed of egress in your facility. Ecoglo®’s path marking tape meets local and international building codes, and is non-radioactive and non-toxic. 


How to Install

  • Installation surface should be smooth, cleaned of any contaminants and completely dried before the tape is applied.
  • Fresh paint must be allowed to cure before tape is installed. Loose paint must be removed from painted surfaces.
  • Surface preparation is required. Do not stretch tape when applying on installation surface.
  • At room temperature, the adhesive takes at least 24 hours to gain maximum bond strength

General Information

  • Photoluminescent PET Tape
  • 1” x 60 feet per roll
  • Weight: 0.78 lbs/Roll.

Engineered for Durability

  • Designed with longevity in mind, Ecoglo’s photoluminescent pathmarking tapes are manufactured using the latest technology, to ensure lifelong durability. Our patented manufacturing process gives you the advantage of having the most durable, and highly efficient photoluminescent satefy tape available.

Environmentally Friendly Photoluminescent Path Marking Tape

  • Ecoglo is proud to offer the most environmentally friendly photoluminescent pathmarking tape on the market. Our glow-in-the-dark tape requires zero energy to function and qualify for LEED points.
  • Our pathmarking tapes are both non-toxic and non-radioactive. Our products are made completely out of recyclable material, which means you won’t have to pay disposal costs at the end of their lifecycle.