Ecoglo M4.10-N30 Anti-Slip Carpet Stair-Treads
Ecoglo M4170.10 Slip Resistant Carpet Stair Tread
M4170.10 (Black)
Ecoglo M4160.10 Slip Resistant Carpet Stair Tread
M4160.10 (Grey)
Ecoglo M4150.10 Slip Resistant Carpet Stair Tread
M4150.10 (Yellow)

M4.10-N30 Non-Slip Tile Nosing

Ecoglo®’s M4.10-N30 Non-Slip Tile Stair Nosing combines the best of step-edge safety to create an aluminum stair nosing that is sure to enhance the safety of your building for years to come. This product provides excellent step edge definition, as well as clear step-edge visibility by creating a stark color contrast. Our expertly engineered non-slip strips have been integrally bonded into this aluminum stair nosing to bring our industry-leading non-slip protection to your facility. Withstanding heavy wear and tear from foot traffic, this product is guaranteed to last and requires very little maintenance. The refined and durable anodized aluminum profile offers strength, beauty, and exceptional safety to any tiled stair.

*The M4. 10 tile nosing profile is compatible with tiles that are between 3/16” and 11/32” (5mm and 8.5mm) thick.


Ecoglo M4.10-N30 Anti-Slip Carpet Stair Nosing Dimensions

General Information

  • Available in 8ft lengths.
  • Product is sold with inserts unattached. The aluminum extrusion is cut using a saw with a blade for cutting non-ferrous metals. For best results, we recommend cutting inserts with a shear.
  • Inserts are installed into aluminum nosing using a premium polyurethane adhesive (not included).

Aluminum Finish:

  • Available in Clear Anodized Aluminum Finish.
  • Black, Light Bronze and, Dark Bronze Anodize finishes are available at an additional cost.
Engineered for Durability
  • The hard-wearing silicon carbide non-slip material is integrally bonded to the aluminum substrate. Thousands of people can walk on it with no signs of wear and tear.
  • The thick anodized finish is aesthetically pleasing, prevents corrosion, and is extremely hard and abrasion resistant. The anodized aluminum surface is harder than pure aluminum, second only to diamonds hard crystalline structure.
Step Edge Safety
  • The color contrasting the non-slip material provides excellent step edge visibility
for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Tested to accelerated UV/weathering exposure, Salt Spray Resistance, Freeze-Thaw Resistance and Washability. Ecoglo products easily passed with excellent results.
Environmentally Friendly Non Slip Cast in Place Nosing