Non Slip Resilient Flooring Nosing

Ideal for resilient flooring as well as other thin floor materials, Ecoglo® Resilient Flooring Nosing is an incredibly durable aluminum available in several finishes. Extensively tested, this aluminum nosing is incredibly durable and will withstand years of UV weathering and outdoor exposure.

Environmentally friendly and featuring our anti slip silicon carbide material, Ecoglo® Resilient Floor Nosing ensures your stairway’s step-edges are clearly identified and safe for your patrons.

Ecoglo RF7B-N30 Anti-Slip Resilient Flooring Treads

The 90 degree angle RF7B-N30 Anodized Aluminum Resilient Flooring Stair Nosing from Ecoglo® provides exceptional step-edge visibility and non-slip grip to stairs with resilient flooring.

Ecoglo RF7C-N30 Anti-Slip Resilient Flooring Treads

The 85 degree angle RF7C-N30 Anodized Aluminum Resilient Flooring Stair nosing brings you the best cost-effective solution for enhancing the safety of your facility’s stairways, while modernizing the look and feeling of your building.