S3-N Non-Slip Cast in Place Stair Nosing

Ecoglo®’s S3-N Non-Slip Cast in Place Stair Nosing will provide your facility with clear step edge color contrast, long-lasting anti-slip protection, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Our aluminum stair nosing provides an affordable way to renovate and modernize worn stairways and improve stairway safety. Installed directly into wet concrete, flush with the concrete floor, Ecoglo Cast In Place anti-slip stair nosings are the perfect solution for bringing your new building up to code. This product’s neat, smooth installation makes it truly feel like a part of your building and decreases the risk of slips and trips occurring.

We take great pride in the design of our products, and we ensure our anti-slip nosing will provide long-lasting non-slip protection due to the product’s durability. The expertly engineered polymer withstands UV weathering and is more than durable enough for both indoor and outdoor long-term installations. The hard-wearing surface of our non-slip stair nosing is also abrasion-resistant, protecting your Ecoglo cast in place nosing from scratches or additional damages and ensuring its longevity.


Ecoglo S3-N Slip Resistant Cast in Place Stair Treads

General Information

  • We designed our non-slip cast in place stair nosing to be installed into wet concrete. As such, this product can be used on concrete stairs, concrete-filled steel pan stairs, and pre-cast concrete stairs.
  • The standard lengths of our aluminum stair nosing are 8ft and 10ft. It is also available in cut to length sizes for your convenience (Tolerance + or – 1/8”).
  • Do you want your metal stair nosing to come with the non-slip inserts attached or unattached? The option is all yours. Unattached inserts can easily be installed later to ensure the product is clean and has not been damaged during installation.
  • Inserts should be installed with a premium polyurethane adhesive.
  • A clear protective tape wraps around the product to keep it clean during installation. To remove, cut the tape along the edges and peel away.
  • Weight: 0.625 lbs/ft.

Aluminum Finish:

  • We use 6063-T5 Mill finish aluminum and coat our metal stair nosing with an acrylic lacquer finish to prevent corrosion.
Ecoglo S3-N Slip Resistant Cast in Place Stair Treads Dimensions
Engineered for Durability
  • Thousands of people can walk on our non-slip cast in place stair nosing with no signs of wear and tear thanks to the hard-wearing silicon carbide non-slip material that we integrally bond to the aluminum substrate.
  • We designed the thick anodized finish to be aesthetically pleasing, be extremely hard and abrasion-resistant, and prevent corrosion.
  • The anodized aluminum surface of our stair strips is harder than pure aluminum – second only to the hard-crystalline structure of diamonds.
Superior Step Edge Safety
  • Our team designed the color of the non-slip material to provide a clear contrast and excellent step edge visibility.
Aluminum Stair Nosing for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Our aluminum tread nosing easily passed multiple exposure tests with excellent results, including tests of accelerated UV/exposure, Salt Spray Resistance, Freeze-Thaw Resistance, and Washability.
Environmentally Friendly Non Slip Cast in Place Nosing
  • We designed our anti-slip aluminum stair nosing with the health of the planet in mind. As such, this product qualifies for LEED Points due to its energy efficiency and recyclable material.
  • These stair strips can be easily recycled at no additional cost to our clients.

Leed Data

Qualifies for LEED Points
MR Credit 2: Construction Waste Management Divert from Land Fill
  • Products are Aluminum based and 100% recyclable.

MR Credit 4: Recycled Content
  • Products are Aluminum based and approximately 20% of the aluminum content in an Ecoglo secondary billet specification is recycled scrap.

Ecoglo’s Recommended Installation Adhesive has low VOC’s and qualifies for Indoor Environmental Quality credits for low emitting materials: EQc4.1

Benefits And Technical Data

Ecoglo® S3-N Series Cast in Place Stair Nosing meets or exceeds the performance criteria specified in the following tests and standards:

UV Stability

Our team made sure our aluminum stair nosing is highly durable in both indoor and outdoor installations.

  • ASTM G155-04 Cycle 1 2000hrs, Standard Practice for Operating Xenon Arc Light Apparatus for Exposure of Nonmetallic Materials.
  • Salt Spray Resistance: ASTM B117-97 500hrs, Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus.
  • Freeze-Thaw Resistance: ASTM C1026-87(1996) Standard Test Method for Measuring the Resistance of Ceramic Tile to Freeze-Thaw Cycling
Abrasion Resistant Stair Nosing

Ecoglo cast in place stair nosing is extremely hard-wearing.

  • ASTM D1242-95a Standard Test Methods for Resistance of Plastic Materials to Abrasion.
  • ASTM F510-14 Standard Test Method for Resistance to Abrasion of Resilient Floor Coverings Using an Abrader with a Grit Feed Method.
  • JIS H8682-1 Test methods for abrasion resistance of anodic oxide coatings on aluminum and aluminum alloys- Abrasive-wheel-wear abrasion resistance test.

Our stair nosing for concrete steps is very easy to clean.

Slip Resistant Aluminum Stair Nosing

Our anti-slip stair nosing will reduce the risk of slip and fall incidents in your facility.

  • UL410 Standard for Slip Resistance of Floor Surface Materials
  • AS/NZS 4586 Slip Resistance Classification of New Pedestrian Surface Materials.

As if our non-slip steps could be any safer, we also designed this product to not catch fire.

  • ASTM E162-16 Standard Test Method for Surface Flammability of Materials Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source.
  • ASTM D635-18 Standard Test Method for Rate of Burning and/or Extent and Time of Burning of Plastics in a Horizontal Position.
  • FAA AC 23.2 Paragraph 4.b, Horizontal Burn Test.