Ecoglo S2-N30 Slip Resistant Cast in Place Stair Nosing
Ecoglo S2170 Anti-Slip Cast in Place Stair Nosing
S2170 (Black)
Ecoglo S2160 Anti-Slip Cast in Place Stair Nosing
S2160 (Grey)
Ecoglo S2150 Anti-Slip Cast in Place Stair Nosing
S2150 (Yellow)

S2-N30 Non-Slip Cast in Place Stair Nosing

The S2-N30 Non-Slip Anodized Stair Nosing provide step edge color contrast, long-lasting anti-slip protection and beautiful appearance. Our Cast-In Place anti-slip stair nosings are the perfect solution for bringing your new build up to code. Ecoglo’s Cast-In Place nosings are installed directly into wet concrete, flush with the concrete floor. This neat, smooth installation decreases the risk of slips and trips. The S2-N30 Cast in Place Nosings are installed into wet concreteand can be used on concrete stairs, concrete-filled steel pan stairs, and pre-cast concrete stairs. Ecoglo’s anti-slip nosings provide long-lasting non-slip protection. The expertly engineered polymer with stands UV weathering and is durable enough for both indoor and outdoor long-term installations. The hard-wearing surface of our non-slip stair nosing is abrasion resistant, protecting your Ecoglo cast in place nosing from scratches or additional damages.


Ecoglo S2-N30 Slip Resistant Stair Nosing Dimensions

General Information

  • Install into wet concrete. Used on concrete stairs, concrete-filled steel pan stairs, and pre-cast concrete stairs.
  • Available in cut to length sizes. (Tolerance +or- 1/8”) Standard lengths are 8ft and 10ft.
  • Inserts Attached or Unattached – Inserts unattached can be installed later to ensure the product is clean and has not been damaged during construction. Inserts are installed with a premium polyurethane adhesive.
  • A clear protective tape wraps around the product to keep it clean during installation. To remove, cut the tape along the edges and peel away.
  • Weight: 0.516 lbs/ft.

Aluminum Finish:

  • Available 6063-T5 Mill finish aluminum with a clear acrylic lacquer finish to prevent corrosion.
Engineered for Durability Concrete Step Nosing
  • The hard-wearing silicon carbide non-slip material is integrally bonded to the aluminum substrate. Thousands of people can walk on it with no signs of wear and tear.
  • The thick anodized finish is aesthetically pleasing, prevents corrosion, and is extremely hard and abrasion resistant. The anodized aluminum surface is harder than pure aluminum, second only to diamonds hard crystalline structure.
Step Edge Safety
  • The color contrasting the non-slip material provides excellent step edge visibility
for Indoor use and Outdoor Use
  • Tested to accelerated UV/weathering Exposure, Salt Spray Resistance, Freeze-Thaw Resistance and Washability. Ecoglo products easily passed with excellent results.
Environmentally Friendly Non Slip Concrete Stair Nosing