Ecoglo H3001 Luminescent Handrail Strip

H3001 Luminescent Handrail Marking

Ecoglo®’s H3001 Photoluminescent Handrail Marking exceeds local and international building codes for luminous egress path markings. The H3001 utilizes Ecoglo®’s patented manufacturing process to bring you the best in photoluminescent products. This luminous egress path marking product is easy to install, and has been designed to last. Extremely durable and requiring little maintenance, Ecoglo®’s photoluminescent handrail markings will illuminate your egress path for years to come.  

The H3001 luminous egress handrail marking 0.6” and is ideal for narrow handrails. The sleek design of the product does not distract from the elegance of your building and will enhance egress speeds in emergency situations.


Ecoglo H3001 Luminous Handrail Marking Dimensions
H3001 Dimensions
End-cap for Ecoglo H3001 Luminous Handrail Marking
Accessories - Endcap

General Information

  • Install with premium polyurethane adhesive.
  • Weight: 0.065 lbs/ft.


Ecoglo H3001 Photo-luminescent Handrail Markings
Ecoglo H3001 Photoluminescent Handrail Markings
Ecoglo's glow in the dark H5001 Handrail Marker at night
H3001 (In Dark)
Engineered for Durability
  • Manufactured using Ecoglo’s patented process which produces the most durable and highly efficient photoluminescent product available.
  • Unique ridges in the photoluminescent strips protect it from most abrasive wear.
Installed Durability
  • The rigid aluminum base spreads any applied load over a greater area of installation adhesive. Installation with a premium polyurethane adhesive/sealant is extremely durable, moisture resistant, and works very well on both smooth and textured surfaces.
For Indoor Use and Outdoor Use
  • Tested to accelerated UV/weathering exposure, and proven to be highly resistant to the effects of UV/weathering.
  • The loss in performance is less than can be detected by the human eye when subjected to 6000 hours of UV exposure, which is similar to 30 years of outdoor exposure.
  • The polymer used in Ecoglo’s patented process is “long chain” which forms a strong UV resistant product when bonding.
Environmentally Friendly Photoluminescent Handrail Markings