Rigid Vinyl Series - R_02012-G250R Photoluminescent Pathmarking Sign

Ecoglo®’s R_02012-G250R Rigid Vinyl Series luminous egress path marking signs are available in 8 different directions, to allow for a clear, customized egress path way. In all lighting conditions, these glow in the dark exit signs clearly mark the way towards the exit discharge within in any facility. After gaining a full charge, simply from exposure to either a natural or artificial light source, our luminous egress path marking signs are sure to glow brightly for hours after a power failure. These clearly marked, easy to read signs indicate the path of egress in all lighting conditions.


Rigid Vinyl Series Luminous Exit Path Marking Sign

How to Install

  • Installs easily with 3M foam tape. Some surface preparation is required to ensure a strong bond.
  • The foam tape allows for a strong installation on a variety of surfaces. The rigidity of the product spreads any applied load over a greater area of installation adhesion.


Ecoglo RA02012-G250R Exit To The Right Photoluminescent Sign
Ecoglo Glow in the Dark RA02012-G250R Exit To The Right Sign
RAO2012-G250R (In Dark)

Benefits And Technical Data

Ecoglo R_02012-G250R meets or exceeds the performance criteria specified in the following tests or standards:

High visibility in dark or light conditions.
  • ASTM E2073-02, Standard Test Method for Photopic Luminance of Photoluminescent (Phosphorescent) Markings.
  • ISO 17398:2004 Clause 7.11, Safety Colors and Safety Signs- Classification, Performance and Durability of Safety Signs
  • UL 1994 Listed – IMZI.SA3353
  • ULC 572 Listed – IMZI7.SA3353

Easy Cleaning

No radioactivity or toxicity.
  • Toxicity: Bombardier SMP 800-C (2000), Toxic Gas Generation Test.
Does not burn.
  • ASTM E162-02, Standard Test Method for Surface Flammability of Materials Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source.