Ecoglo's Rigid Vinyl Door Mounted Directional Exit Signs

Rigid Vinyl Series -Door Mounted Luminescent Path Marking Sign

Ecoglo®’s Rigid Vinyl Series-Door Mounted Photoluminescent Path Marking Signs are highly visible in light or dark conditions. These luminous egress path marking signs clearly communicate the direction of egress and provided exceptional visibility in all lighting conditions. Available in a range of designs to best suit your facility, these photoluminescent signs are designed to enhance egress speeds, and increase egress safety, in all conditions. Simply gaining a charge from either a natural or artificial light source, Ecoglo®’s luminous egress path marking signs will glow brightly for hours after a facility’s power has failed. These signs install easily, with the use of a 3M foam tape, on a clean, dry surface.


How to Install

  • Installs easily with 3M foam tape. Some surface preparation is required to ensure a strong bond.
  • The foam tape allows for a strong installation on a variety of surfaces. The rigidity of the product spreads any applied load over a greater area of installation adhesion.


Ecoglo's Luminous Running Man with Directional Exit Sign
Ecoglo's glow in the dark Running Man with Directional Exit Sign
ROE3312-G250R (In Dark)