Photoluminescent Stair Nosing

Anti-slip luminous stair Nosings are a crucial luminous egress path marking product. To enhance step-edge visibility and provide a brightly-lit, easy to follow egress path way, install Ecoglo®’s Photoluminescent stair Nosings in your facility!

America's #1 choice for luminous stair nosing

Ecoglo Fast Charging
Fast Charging

After just 5 minutes of exposure in a reasonably lit area, Ecoglo®’s photoluminescent stair nosing will glow brightly for 2.50 hours – providing clear egress lighting and instructions in the event of a power outage and exceeding emergency egress requirements.

Ecoglo Code Compliant
Code Compliant

Ecoglo®’s luminous egress path markings are Section 1024 compliant and exceed building, stairway lighting requirements, and fire codes world-wide. Our UL 1994 and NFPA 101 certified glow in the dark stair treads ensure you’re purchasing a product you can trust.

Ecoglo Non Slip Protection
Non-Slip Protection

Resistant to years of wear and tear due to our patented manufacturing process, Ecoglo®’s tough-wearing, long-lasting luminous stair nosing provides stellar anti-slip protection and egress lighting – further ensuring the safety of your building’s stairwells.

Ecoglo Luminous Egress Step Edge Markings Exceed Emergency Egress Lighting Requirements Across the United States

Ecoglo®’s non-slip glow in the dark stair nosing provides excellent visibility in all lighting conditions along with long-lasting anti-slip protection. Our wide range of luminous egress path markings ensures you can easily find the photoluminescent stair strip and egress lighting that is right for your building. 

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