How Photoluminescent Egress Path Markers Increase Egress Safety

When emergency strikes are you able to quickly, and safely, navigate to the exit discharge in your office? Would visitors or those who are unfamiliar with the building be able to easily find and follow the exit route?

Having a clear exit route, a continuous and unobstructed path from any point within the building to safety, is not only mandatory by fire and building codes, but plays a major role in safety.

Photoluminescent egress path markers are the best option for clearly highlighting the exit route, especially in high-rise buildings. Photoluminescent, or luminous egress path markers, are required by IFC/IBC Section 1024, and clearly mark the exit path by remaining visible in all lighting conditions. Photoluminescent path markers make for quicker egress speeds, potentially saving lives in the process.

Luminous Egress Path Markings Safety

Luminous egress path markings are reliable

Unlike traditional emergency exit lighting, luminous egress path markings do not require the use of any batteries, backup generators or wiring and the associated circuits. Luminous egress path markers store light, from either natural or artificial light sources, when there is light falling on the face of the sign, and when the lights go out, the signs release the light as luminance. Photoluminescent egress path markings glow in the dark, using no electricity, to light up the path towards the exit discharge.

An important part of a safe exit route is that it remains easily visible and one of the best features of luminous egress path markings is they do not require any maintenance. The last thing you want to happen in an emergency is find out the emergency lighting isn’t working or preforming the way it should be. No routine inspections or regular battery replacements are required with luminous egress path markings. As long as they are installed in a well-lit area, and are not covered from the light, photoluminescent signage and path markings are sure to turn on when you need them the most.

Luminous Egress Path Markings Are Long-Lasting

Photoluminescent signs and luminous egress path markings have been found to surpass the life-span of traditional emergency lighting. Traditional exit signs, for example, suffer from an although gradual, but consistent loss of brightness over a short life-span. Some of the lifespan expectancies of LED exit signs are based on the time taken for the sign to reach just 30% of initial brightness. Not only does this result in unrealistic life expectancy claims, but this low level of brightness may potentially make emergency situations more dangerous.

Additionally, once fully charged after exposure in a well-lit area photoluminescent egress path markings can remain visible for hours in darkness, without being connected to any power source. This feature is especially important in high-rise buildings which may be subject to longer egress speeds, requiring a long-lasting emergency light source.  

Luminous Egress Path Markings are Visible

As a major aspect of exit route safety, photoluminescent exit signs are rated at different lengths to ensure when the power goes out the signs are easy to see from a distance. Additionally, photoluminescent exit signs are required by UL 924 to remain visible for at least 90 minutes after the power has gone out. Even in well-lit conditions, photoluminescent signs clearly communicate the path of egress.

In case of fire it is especially important that the path to the exit discharge be easily seen and easily followed, even through smoke. Traditional, overhead emergency exit lighting can create shadows or become blocked in smokey conditions, making it harder to navigate towards the exit. Photoluminescent light does not cast any shadows and can cut through smoke to remain visible. To meet code compliance, photoluminescent strips are used to mark the perimeter of the exit pathway. These luminous egress path markings are installed along the floor or bottom of the wall, as lower-level lighting is more easily seen through smoke.  

When emergency strikes, it is crucial for all occupants to make it out of the building as quickly and safely as possible. Ensuring your building is well equipped with an easy to follow and easily visible exit route will assist in quicker egress speeds. Choosing luminous egress path markings is not only required by code compliance but gives you the peace of mind knowing that when disaster hits, you’re always prepared.

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