Luminous Egress in Oregon

In Oregon, requirements for luminous egress path markings became retroactive to existing high-rise buildings with the implementation of the 2018 international Building Code, which was adopted as part of the 2019 Oregon Structural Specialty Code which went into effect statewide October 1, 2019. This code mandates the installation of luminous egress signage and path markings in stairwells and landings in all new and existing high-rise commercial buildings to improve their safety.

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For more than 20 years Ecoglo® has been the United States’ number one choice for luminous egress path markings, and has been providing Oregon with the best in class luminous egress path marking products. Ecoglo® products are environmentally friendly, and built to last, while exceeding local and international building and fire code compliance.

Create a safe, visible egress path in your Oregon buildings with the help of Ecoglo®! Our products are built to with stand the wear and tear of everyday use, without requiring maintenance or replacement.

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Ecoglo H3001 Photoluminescent Handrail Markings

Providing a Safe and Illuminated Egress Path

Ecoglo products are utilized across the United States by buildings to meet the requirements for luminous egress path markings and exit signs. Our products feature Ecoglo’s advanced photoluminescent technology, which will glow brightly for 2.50 hours after just 5 minutes of exposure in a reasonably lit area. This ensures a safe and efficient pedestrian environment providing everyone the ability to navigate egress safely and efficiently in all emergency type environments.

The importance of improving the visibility of stair treads, handrails, and obstructions under emergency conditions cannot be understated. People’s vision can often be compromised under such circumstances, especially since they are under duress, so it is crucial for patrons of buildings to be able to easily find their way out to safety. Luminous and photoluminescent marking systems can save lives, as they glow brightly, even through smoke, when everything else fails. They are building patrons’ last line of defense.

In every application, Ecoglo® products help to enhance egress pathway visibility, and provide a safe egress route for all.

Luminous Egress Path Marking Code Compliance in Oregon

Section 1025 provisions provide an additional level of safety to buildings’ egress paths by requiring the installation of photoluminescent or self-illuminating marking systems that do not require electrical power and the associated wiring and circuits. This means that even if a building’s power supply fails to operate, photoluminescent egress markings ensures

occupants can safely egress a building via exit stairways. This is especially necessary in high-rise buildings, which feature a greater anticipated occupant load and occupants which way not be familiar with the emergency exit path.

Review Oregon Luminouos Egress Guidelines Here

Fire and Building Safety

The official duty of the Oregon State Fire Marshal is to protect citizens, their property, and the environment from fire and hazardous materials. Providing citizens across the state with an effective emergency egress pathway is critical to a safe and efficient evacuation, and it is crucial that this pathway is easily visible. It is imperative all required buildings install luminous egress pathways and markings.

Ecoglo® provides Oregon with luminous egress pathways and markings, which improve visibility in all lighting conditions. Fire Marshal approved, Ecoglo® provides reliable luminous egress path markings for your buildings in Oregon.

Recommended Luminous Egress Path Markings in Oregon

For your new or existing projects, browse the range of Ecoglo® products, hand-picked just for Oregon

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Luminous Cast in Place Stair Nosing

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