Are Stair Nosing Really Necessary?

Seemingly simple, or maybe even an afterthought, is the installation of stair nosings in your facility really a necessity?

Within high-rise buildings, stairways act as one of the facility’s biggest safety features, allowing occupants to exit safely in any condition. Stairway safety is key in emergency egress and there are several ways stair nosings work to increase safety in all stairways.

Difference between installing vs not installing Stair Nosing

Code Compliant Stair Way Nosing

Chapter 10 of the International Building Code covers all means of egress within in a building, and provides a section dedicated to stair nosings. Section 1011 clearly defines the regulations for stair nosings.

The requirements set out in the IBC ensure stair nosings within a facility are uniform and installed safely. Aluminum stair nosings may not protrude more than 1 ¼ inch, or 32 mm, from the stair tread, in order to reduce tripping hazards. Moreover, the stair nosings in any given stairwell are expected to be uniform, to increase safety.

Improving Safety with Stair Nosing

There are a number of ways concrete stair nosings can work within your facility to improves safety. First off, stair nosings provide a non-slip grip to help reduce the risk of slips and trips, no matter the condition. Further, the installation of aluminum stair nosings provides a stark color contrast against the stair. This color contrast allows for increased step-edge visibility for all occupants.

Many stair nosings have been created to feature a luminescent strip. Not only does this luminous strip increase color contrast between the step-edge and the substrate, but provides excellent step-edge visibility in all lighting conditions. Photoluminescent stair nosings shall be applied in accordance with section 1011 of the International Building Code, and provide a brightly lit stair way after the power in your facility has failed. Luminescent light does not create shadows and glows brightly so even in emergency conditions occupants can easily navigate stairways safely.

Stair Cases with Ecoglo's Stair Nosing installed

Modernizing and Renovating your Building with Stair Nosing

When you think how you walk up or down a flight of stairs, or observe others doing the same, you will probably notice most of us step right onto the edge of the stair. Consequently, this is the first part of the stair to show signs of wear and tear. Signs of wear and tear can make your facility like outdated and un-kept, bringing down the aesthetics of the building. Not to mention, some people may begin to question the safety of the stairway if all the stairs look like they have taken a beaten.

Stair nosings are a great way to not only protect your steps from wear and tear but to keep your facility looking beautiful. Stair nosings are applied where most people commonly step, the step-edge, to protect your stairs from the heaviest wear and tear. 

Carpet stair nosings prevent rips and tears in the carpet, which can not only pose a safety risk but also makes your building look old and run down. Concrete stair nosings helps to avoid any marks or chips on the stair.

A sleek, aluminum stair nosing helps to modernize the look of your building and protects the step edges in your facility from unsightly wear and tear.

Stair Nosing are Cost Effective

Without the use of stair nosings you may find you must renovate, update or even redo your stairways over time, especially in buildings with heavy pedestrian traffic. Protecting your investment from the get-go is a cost-effective way to make sure your stair ways continue to stay safe, without maintenance.  Aluminum  stair nosings are tough enough to withstand even the heaviest pedestrian foot traffic, without showing signs of wear and tear.

With the use of carpet stair nosings, or concrete stair nosings, you can increase the life span of the stairways in your facility, all by protecting the step-edge and increasing safety for occupants and residents alike.

Although sometimes an afterthought, for anyone looking to upgrade the safety in their facility, while improving the look, stair nosings should be the obvious first choice!

For over 20 years, Ecoglo® has been providing the United States with expertly engineered, built to last stair nosings.

We offer concrete stair nosings, carpet stair nosings and many more. Our aluminum stair nosings are incredibly durable and have been tested to withstand even the heaviest foot traffic. Each of our aluminum stair nosings feature a non-slip grip to prevent injury and enhance safety in your building.

Our step edge products are also available with our industry-leading photoluminescent technology. This photoluminescent strip has been integrally bonded into the aluminum stair nosing to provide a durable and reliable luminous egress path marking product. After gaining a full charge from simple exposure to either a natural or artificial light source, the photoluminescent strip will glow for hours to provide a safe, brightly lit egress path way.

Make stairway safety a priority in your facility, and contact Ecoglo® today