Luminous Egress in Missouri

The International Building Code has been requiring the installation of luminous egress path markings since 2009, in both new and existing high-rise commercial buildings. Many counties in the state of Missouri have adopted the 2009 IBC, or later editions. Where there is no local code, the 2012 IBC is adopted. Where applicable, high-rise commercial buildings in the state of Missouri must install luminous egress path markings.

For a cost-effective solution that exceeds code compliance, rely on ecoglo® for luminous egress in Missouri!

Your #1 Choice for Code Compliant Luminous Egress Path Markings in Missouri

In our more than 20 years of experience, we have taken the time to perfect the ecoglo® manufacturing process. This patented process, unique to ecoglo®, produces a bright, steady, and long-lasting light source that can be trusted to light up an egress path! After gaining a charge from exposure to either a natural or artificial light source, ecoglo® products will glow for hours after a power outage.

Our expertly engineered path markings and directional signage not only bring your building up to code compliance, but will allow for a safer, quicker egress.

Remember… with ecoglo®, you’ll never miss a step.

Ecoglo H3001 Photoluminescent Handrail Markings

Providing a Safe Illuminated Egress Path

For hours after the power has failed in your Missouri facility, you can depend on ecoglo® to still be glowing brightly, guiding occupants and patrons to safety. Our luminous egress path markings cut through smoke, and don’t cast a shadow, creating an easy to follow, highly visible egress pathway. Because they do not require any batteries, wiring, or a backup power source, ecoglo® products are completely failsafe, performing their best when you need them the most.

Within in an egress pathway, it is critical the stairways are well equipped to provide occupants with a safe evacuation. Stair treads, handrails, and obstructions must remain visible in all lighting conditions.

With ecoglo® you can create a highly visible and always code compliant luminous egress pathway in your Missouri facility!

Luminous Egress Path Marking Code Compliance in Missouri

The egress provisions laid out in the IBC/IFC add an another level of safety to a building’s egress pathways by requiring the installation of photoluminescent or self-luminous marking systems that do not require electrical power and the associated wiring and circuits. Consequently, if a building’s power fails, photoluminescent egress markings ensures occupants are able to safely evacuate the building via the exit stairways. This is especially necessary in high-rise buildings, which feature a greater anticipated occupant load and occupants which way not be familiar with the emergency exit path.

Review Missouri’s luminous egress guidelines here:

Fire and Building Safety

The Missouri State Fire Marshal’s office is devoted to improving the safety of all citizens, while preventing the loss of life, injury or property damage caused by the dangers of fire. Through a variety of avenues and in conjunction with their trusted partners, the Fire Marshal works to make Missouri a safer place for all.  

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