Luminous Egress in Maryland

Requirements for luminous egress path markings became retroactive to existing high-rise buildings with the implementation of the 2018 International Building Code [see IFC 1104.25, 1025], adopted as part of the Maryland Building Performance Standards, which requires each jurisdiction in Maryland to use the same edition of the same building codes. As such, it is now mandatory for all new and existing high-rise commercial buildings in the state of Maryland to install luminous egress signage and path markings in stairwells and landings.

To bring your Maryland facility up to code, rely on Ecoglo® to bring you industry-leading, cost-effective luminous egress path marking products.

Your #1 Choice for Code Compliant Luminous Egress Path Markings in Maryland

In more than 20 years of experience, Ecoglo® has perfected our patented manufacturing process to bring your Maryland facility the best code compliant solutions. Long before luminous egress path markings were required by law, we have been supplying extremely durable, long-lasting photoluminescent path marking products. After gaining a charge from either a natural or artificial light source our luminous egress path marking signs and markings brightly illuminate the egress pathway after the power has failed.

Ecoglo® photoluminescent products not only meet, but exceed both local and international building codes. When the power fails in your Maryland facility, you can rely on our products to make for a safe, illuminated egress.

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Ecoglo H3001 Photoluminescent Handrail Markings

Providing a Safe and Illuminated Egress Path

When the power fails in your Maryland facility, trust Ecoglo® to guide patrons to the exit discharge. Offering a wide range of non-toxic and non-radioactive luminous egress products, Ecoglo® brings you everything you need to create a safe, illuminated egress path in your facility.

Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of an egress path, step edges need to be clearly visible to aid in a safe egress. To safely guide patrons along the egress path, handrail markings, perimeter demarcation and obstruction markings all play a vital role. Luminous egress path markings and photoluminescent signs help to take the guess work out of egress, in all lighting conditions.

With Ecoglo’s industry-leading, cost-effective photoluminescent products, it is easier than ever to bring your Maryland facility up to code

Luminous Egress Path Marking Code Compliance in Maryland

Section 1025 provisions provide an additional level of safety to buildings’ egress paths by requiring the installation of photoluminescent or self-illuminating marking systems that do not require electrical power and the associated wiring and circuits. This means that even if a building’s power supply fails to operate, photoluminescent egress markings ensures occupants can safely egress a building via exit stairways. This is especially necessary in high-rise buildings, which feature a greater anticipated occupant load and occupants which way not be familiar with the emergency exit path.

Review Maryland Building Code Guidelines here:

Fire and Building Safety

The duty of the Office of the State Fire Marshal in Maryland is to protect life and property from fire. In order to protect lives in the case of fire, luminous egress path marking products provide a potentially life-saving solution. For a safe and timely evacuation it is crucial the egress path is easily visible and easy to navigate.

Recommended Luminous Egress Path Marking Products for Maryland

Browse a range of photoluminescent products, specially picked for your Maryland facility.

Ecoglo H5001 Luminescent Handrail Strip
Hnadrail Guidance Strips
Ecoglo E30 Series Luminous Contrast Strips
Luminescent Contrast Strips
Ecoglo RF7-E30 Aluminum Luminescent Flat Stair Treads
Luminescent Flat Stair Nosing
Ecoglo S10-E30 Series Luminous Cast In Place Stair Nosing
Luminous Cast in Place Stair Nosing

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