A Manufacturing Process that Outshines the Rest

Quickly becoming main stream stair safety products, luminous egress path markings may all look the same on the surface, but what puts ecoglo® photoluminescent signage and egress markings above the rest?

Most photoluminescent egress path marking manufactures use a liquid polymer formulation to achieve photoluminescence. Ecoglo® products however, are manufactured using a dry powder formulation and thermosetting at high temperatures.

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What’s the Difference?

The longevity and brightness of the glow produced by luminous egress path markings is determined by the amount of photoluminescent particles stored in the surface. Having maximum control of the particles ensures not only their quantity but an even spread, which provides a consistent glow covering the whole product.

The nature of liquid formulations, or “wet” manufacturing can cause settling of the photoluminescent particles, giving off a dim or inconsistent glow. Additionally, this process produces products that are more susceptible to UV damage/weathering, brittleness and can also induce chemical reactions, weakening the photoluminescent strip.

Ecoglo HTC manufacturing stair nosing
Ecoglo HTC (High Temperature Curing) Products

So How Does Ecoglo® Do It?

Ecoglo® has spent over 20 years developing and refining the manufacturing process, which is built around high temperature curing (HTC). This patented process involves powder coating and temperatures of more than 160 degrees Celsius, that’s more than 320 degrees Fahrenheit!

To create ecoglo®’s world-leading luminous egress path markings, a powder-mix containing photoluminescent particles and a customized granular purpose designed polymer are applied to aluminum strips, and then thermoset at temperatures higher than 160 degrees Celsius. The thermosetting process binds the photoluminescent material and aluminum strips together precisely, and permanently.

Ecoglo®’s HTC manufacturing process is the result of years of testing everything from the grade and consistency of the polymer, to the heat settings. This fine balance produces a photoluminescent egress product that is visibly better!

Why Choose HTC Manufactured Photoluminescent Egress Products?

Utilizing a powder mix allows for maximum control of the photoluminescent particle’s, allowing for a consistent glow across the whole product. This process upholds and preserves the integrity of the PL pigment, resulting in a long-lasting, always glowing light source. Compared to wet manufactured products, which showcase peaks and valleys in performance, ecoglo®’s HTC manufactured products are much more constant and reliable.

The permanent adhesion that results from high-temperature curing produces a luminous egress path markings and step-edge markings unlike any other. Ecoglo® products have been tested extensively under harsh conditions to ensure maximum durability.

After years of heavy foot traffic, ecoglo®’s luminous stair nosings shine brightly and remain beautifully intact.

Ecoglo HTC manufacturing products
Ecoglo HTC (High Temperature Curing) Products

Added Benefits of Ecoglo®’s Manufacturing

The precise chemistry used in ecoglo®’s dry powder produces a much more stable, and reliable light source compared to other photoluminescent egress path markings available. Additionally, this also lends well to charging. Ecoglo®’s products are able to quickly gain a charge, and hold on to it! The light is emitted steadily over time, without suffering peaks and valleys in performance.

You also don’t have to worry about radiation or toxicants, as ecoglo® products are non-toxic, non-radioactive and fire rated for surface flammability.

As more and more jurisdictions require the installation of luminous egress path markings in stairways, there are a lot of options on the market, which may all look the same! Remember, it is what is underneath the surface that really matters. Luminous egress path markings need to be made right from the beginning, to provide long-lasting, reliable egress solutions.

Ecoglo has perfected the HTC manufacturing process to provide your facility with industry leading photoluminescence and durability. Each of our photoluminescent egress path markings have been tested extensively to withstand UV weathering, heavy foot traffic and out preform similar products on the market. Make the switch in your building today, and never miss a step again, with ecoglo®!