Luminous Egress Pathmarkings that are Perfect for Wayfinding Solutions

From pointing occupants towards the final exit during an emergency to marking the restrooms, wayfinding solutions help people to easily navigate unfamiliar areas. As an important part of building design, wayfinding solutions are placed in key areas around the building for direction, identification, and safety.

While wayfinding solutions are available in a variety of formats, such as tactile walking indicators or braille for the visually impaired, or maps, and marked pathways, one of the most reliable, safest solutions is luminous egress path markings, which provide critical wayfinding in all lighting conditions.

When the power in your building fails, don’t get left in the dark, and install these photoluminescent wayfinding solutions:

Photoluminescent Exit Signs

One of the most important aspects of wayfinding is being able to navigate to and locate the final exit. Photoluminescent exit signs are used to clearly point occupants towards the exit and are visible in all lighting conditions. This directional information is helpful in both emergency and non-emergency situations and can help to enhance the speeds and safety of emergency egress.

Photoluminescent Step Edge Markings

When emergency strikes occupants are left to take the stairs, so ensuring the emergency exit stairwells in your building are clearly marked to provide a safe emergency egress is imperative.

Navigating a flight of stairs becomes increasingly difficult in darkened conditions, and so when the power fails step-edge markings provide excellent visibility which is helpful in leading occupants to the exit discharge. Even when the lights are on, photoluminescent step-edge markings provide step-edge visibility, which aids in reducing the potential for stair related injuries.

Floor Identification Signs

Floor identification signs provide important wayfinding information for both occupants exiting the building, and emergency first responders responding to the situation.

Information displayed on floor identification signs includes the identification of the stairwell, floor level, terminus of the top and bottom of the exit discharge, availability of roof access and the location of and direction to the exit discharge. Displayed on a photoluminescent material, this wayfinding solution is easily read and followed in all lighting conditions, providing critical egress information in any situation.

Perimeter Markings

A unique wayfinding solution, photoluminescent perimeter markings clearly delineate the egress pathway, communicating the pathway that should be followed towards the exit discharge. This luminous egress path marking keeps occupants on the right path and helps to enhance egress speeds and safety, especially after the power has gone out.

In a similar vein, photoluminescent obstruction markings are used to mark any items that may protrude into the exit pathway, ensuring the obstacles remain easily seen and avoided in darkened conditions.

Wayfinding solutions are a critical part of both building design and building safety and opting for photoluminescent wayfinding products ensure occupants can easily navigate your building in all lighting conditions. Ecoglo®’s industry-leading luminous egress path markings create a visibly better egress pathway in any building and help to provide a safer egress. Our wide range of wayfinding solutions ensures you can create a totally customized, full-package luminous egress solution for any building.