Luminous Egress Path Markings in Theatres

Crowds of patrons in a large, unfamiliar venue can make for a chaotic emergency egress, especially if the facility has lost power! The installation of luminous egress path markings in theatres can provide many benefits, from acting as a fail-safe emergency lighting system to helping patrons find their seats after the house lights have gone down.

Luminous egress Path Markings In Theatres

The Benefits of Luminous Egress Path Markings in Stadiums

Because luminous egress path markings do not rely on any electricity or batteries to operate, they are completely fail safe and add to emergency preparedness of any venue. Not only does the installation of photoluminescent directional signage enhance egress speeds and safety, but improves orientation and wayfinding for patrons in day-to-day use. Photoluminescent egress path markings can also be used inside the theatre as aisle markings for low-light events, ensuring patrons can quickly and easily find their seats. For an added level of safety inside the theatre, that doesn’t distract from the performance, photoluminescent step-edge markings can be installed to provide excellent step-edge visibility.

The Function of Luminous Egress Path Markings in Stadiums

The installation of photoluminescent egress path markings can be used to compliment any facility’s existing emergency lighting system or can be installed on their own to create a complete, code compliant and totally fail-safe emergency lighting system. Luminous egress path markings, like any emergency lighting system, are required to mark critical escape route elements and ensure they are visible from a distance.  When designing the egress pathway, keep in mind luminous egress path marking should be installed in areas where patrons can safely be guided by simple path markings and emergency egress instructions. Additionally, in large open areas, such as lobbies, directional signage can guide patrons quickly to the exit discharge.

Where to Install Luminous Egress Path Markings in Theatres

Luminous egress path markings play a vital role in emergency egress, and have been designed for specific building features to guide patrons to the exit discharge.

Aisle Markers and Seat Numbers:

Photoluminescent aisle markers are used to identify the row and range of seats accessed from the aisle, while seat numbers indicate where each patron is designated to sit. These photoluminescent signs help patrons easily and safely find their seats in a darkened theatre.

Step Edging:

All steps, within the theatre’s aisles as well in any and all exit stairways, should be clearly marked with a photoluminescent strip running across the horizontal leading edge of the step. This provides step-edge visibility in all lighting conditions and helps to avoid any trips and falls on the stairways.


Each handrail should be marked with a continuous, photoluminescent strip along the length of the handrail.

Directional Signage:

Anywhere along the egress pathway where directional decisions must be made need to be marked with photoluminescent signs clearly communicating the direction and location of the exit discharge.

Any venue can benefit from the added level of safety provided by luminous egress path markings, especially those which welcome large groups of patrons! As a fail-safe source of emergency lighting, luminous egress path markings safely guide patrons to  the exit discharge, in any situation!

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