Luminous Egress Path Markings in Stadiums

Large crowds of people inside an unfamiliar venue can create a chaotic egress situation, especially in emergency conditions. From being able to find your correct seat quickly and efficiently to evacuating the venue in an emergency, luminous egress path markings provide a vital role in stadium safety.

Ecoglo luminous egress path markings in stadiums

The Benefits of Luminous Egress Path Markings in Stadiums

Luminous egress path markings are a fail-safe choice for emergency lighting, which increases safety and adds to the emergency preparedness of any facility. The installation of these emergency path marking systems in stadiums, and other large venues, improves orientation and wayfinding in everyday use, as well as enhancing emergency egress speeds. Additionally, photoluminescent egress lighting and directional signage provide aisle lighting and wayfinding for low-light and dark events, such as concerts. In these low-light events, step-edge visibility is crucial and is achieved through the use of photoluminescent contrast strips, which help reduce everyday slips and falls in all lighting conditions.

The Function of Luminous Egress Path Markings in Stadiums

In any facility, photoluminescent markings can be used as a complete emergency lighting system or to enhance an existing emergency lighting system. As part of an emergency lighting system, luminous egress path markings are required to not only mark critical escape route elements but to ensure these elements are easily visible from a distance. When designing the egress path way in a stadium, luminous egress path markings shall be placed in areas where safe movement can be guided by simple path markings and emergency egress instructions. Directional signage is also helpful in large open areas, such as concourses where the direction of travel may be confusing or unclear.

Where to Install Luminous Egress Path Markings in Stadiums

Luminous egress path markings and directional signage are used to mark specific building features within egress routes that guide patrons and occupants to the exit discharge.

Steps in Aisles and Stairways: The horizontal leading edge of all steps should be marked, including the landing step at the top of any flight of steps.

Row Markers: Rows should be labeled with photoluminescent row markers to identify the row and range of seats accessed from the aisle. These can either be attached to the seats or installed on the floor.

Handrails: The top surface of the handrail shall be marked with a continuous strip along the length of the handrail.

Signage: Wherever directional decisions need to be made, photoluminescent signs showing an arrow and/or running man are used to guide patrons in the right direction.

Perimeter Demarcation: The perimeters of the stairway landings and corridors are marked either on the floor or wall.

Large scale venues, such as stadiums, which welcome huge numbers of patrons benefit greatly from having fail-safe emergency lighting systems, such as luminous egress path markings. In all lighting conditions, these products safely guide patrons to the nearest exit discharge, enhancing the emergency egress experience for everyone.

As a world-leader in luminous egress path markings and photoluminescent signs, ecoglo® specializes in the design and execution of luminous egress pathways within stadiums. We provide everything needed to create a fully code compliant egress pathway, in facilities of all sizes. Our products have been tested extensively for longevity as well as long-distance visibility.