How Luminous Egress Path Markings Give Property Managers Peace of Mind

Required by international building, fire, and life safety codes, luminous egress path markings enhance egress safety and speeds under all conditions. Beyond meeting code compliance, luminous egress path markings provide a myriad of benefits, including a sense of peace of mind for property managers.

luminous egress path markings give peace of mind

No Maintenance or Replacement Required

As a property manager your to do list is never ending. Staying on top of inspections, maintenance, and regular updates can prove time consuming. The installation of luminous egress path markings, however, can cut down on your to do list, giving you time to focus on improving and maintaining other areas of your facility.

Without the reliance on batteries or electrical wiring, luminous egress path markings do not require maintenance or replacement, unlike traditional emergency systems. Further, after installation luminous egress path markings do not require any regular inspections, making for a truly maintenance free emergency lighting system.

Prevent Wear and Tear

Repairing any damage throughout your property often remains at the top of your to do list, and preventing any expensive, and potentially dangerous, wear and tear is made easier with the help of luminous egress path markings.

Building codes require a strip of photoluminescent material to be applied across the leading edge of each step in an exit stairwell. As the step-edge is the most used, and quickly worn-down, part of the step, its wear and tear can potentially lead to tripping hazards. But thanks to the requirement for photoluminescent path markings, the step-edge can be protected! Photoluminescent strips can be embedded in aluminum stair nosings, with added non-slip material, to not only meet luminous egress path markings code compliance but lengthen the life span of the stairs in your building.

Ease of Wayfinding

Rest easy knowing your facility is easy to navigate! Luminous egress path markings ensure the egress pathway in your building is not only well-lit but easy to follow. Photoluminescent directional signage helps to point occupants in the right direction, both in emergencies and everyday situations.

The installation of luminous egress path markings gives you peace of mind, knowing your building is easy to navigate, even when it may be unfamiliar to occupants.

Fail Safe Emergency Lighting

Whether you are onsite or not, when emergency strikes you can be assured occupants will be able to exit the building safely and quickly, thanks to luminous egress path markings.

In the midst of an emergency, luminous egress path markings give you less reasons to worry. Automatically activating as soon as the building loses power, luminous egress path markings brightly illuminate the building’s exit stairways, giving occupants hours of light to navigate to the exit discharge. The long-lasting duration of luminous egress path markings is what makes them ideal for use in high-rise buildings.

Take one more thing off your to do list and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with installing luminous egress path markings in your building, and best of all, Ecoglo® takes the stress out of finding the perfect photoluminescent path markings!

Our wide range of visibly better, totally code compliant products ensures you can install a complete luminous egress path marking system, in buildings of any size. Get started today, and contact your local Ecoglo® representative!