Luminous Egress Path Markings: Most Commonly Asked Questions

Before starting any project, it is imperative to ask the right questions and get all the information needed. Creating a code compliant luminous egress path way in your facility is no different!

Still considered a new technology, we get many questions about photoluminescent egress lighting and ecoglo®’s range of products. Outlined below are all the answers that will help you start off your new project on the right foot.

What are Photoluminescent Exit Signs and Luminous Egress Path Markings?

Photoluminescent egress lighting, or luminous egress path markings, are non-powered alternatives to traditional hard-wired or battery operated emergency lighting products. Self-luminous path markings and directional signage absorb surrounding light, which is then stored and emitted as light, once place in the dark.

Can I use Photoluminescent Exit Signs instead of LED and Tritium Exit Signs?

Yes! In fact, the use of luminous egress path markings is required by International Building and Fire Codes, under Section 1024. Photoluminescent exit signs and luminous egress path markings that are UL924 listed are approved for use in both high and low level applications.

Is Photoluminescent Light Bright Enough?

Photoluminescent light meets or even exceeds the UL requirement for emergency egress lighting and signage. Additionally, photoluminescent light does not cast shadows and can easily be seen and followed in smoky conditions.

How do I Turn on Luminous Egress Path Markings?

You never need to worry about turning on the photoluminescent egress lighting products in your building! Ensuring your photoluminescent exit signs and self-luminous path markings remain exposed to a reliable light source is all you need! They products themselves do not turn on or off, the illumination just becomes visible once the lights go off.

Are Photoluminescent Exit Signs Reliable?

Yes! Unlike traditional exit signs, photoluminescent exit signs do not rely on batteries or electricity and have no moving parts making them completely failsafe.

How Long do I need to Charge Photoluminescent Egress Lighting Products?

UL924 requires that the face of a photoluminescent sign, or luminous egress path marking, be exposed for at least 60 minutes to 54 lux of fluorescent, metal halide, or mercury to gain a full charge. In brighter lit areas charging times decrease.

How long do Luminous Egress Path Markings Last?

After only 30 minutes of exposure to a light source ecoglo® can glow up to 8 hours, lasting even longer after constant exposure

Ecoglo’s photoluminescent exit signs have been tested to last more than 20 years! 

How do I maintain Luminous Egress Path Markings?

Because there are no moving parts or wiring, luminous egress path markings are incredibly easy to maintain. Signs should be inspected to ensure they are not obstructed and an occasional dusting, or cleaning with soapy water, may be required.

Is Photoluminescent Egress Lighting Cost Effective?

Photoluminescent egress lighting eliminates running costs, maintenance costs and virtually eliminates replacement costs.

Are photoluminescent Signs Safe?

Yes, completely safe! Unlike popular tritium exit signs, photoluminescent exit signs are non-toxic and non-radioactive. Photoluminescent egress lighting does not depend on batteries or electricity, making them the safest option for emergency egress lighting.

For all your upcoming projects, ecoglo® is ready to answer any questions you have about luminous egress path markings! Our local representatives are up to date on all code compliance regulations and expertly versed in all things photoluminescence. Take the next step to creating a visibly better egress path way today!