3 Ways Photoluminescent Egress Path Markings Create a Safer Environment

Required by local and international fire, building and life safety codes, photoluminescent egress path markings are designed to increase emergency egress safety. Photoluminescent egress path markings are the ideal choice for illuminating and clearly defining the exit path, especially within high-rise buildings. These fail-safe emergency lighting systems are designed to come on automatically, without the need for batteries or maintenance.

The benefits of photoluminescent egress path markings, however, extend beyond emergency situations.

Ecoglo Luminous Egress Path Markings create Safer Environment

1. All Condition Visibility

Although photoluminescent egress path markings are installed as a backup emergency lighting system to be seen in the dark, they provide visibility in all lighting conditions. Additionally, these egress path markings can be easily seen and followed from a distance.  The low-level installation of photoluminescent egress path markings ensure the photoluminescent light does not cast shadows and remains easily visible even in smokey conditions.

Photoluminescent egress path markings have been designed to clearly communicate critical egress information, even from a distance, to ensure occupants can easily spot them and follow the path markings to the exit discharge.

By remaining visible in all lighting conditions, photoluminescent egress path markings provide clear egress instructions, whether occupants are trying to find their way to the exit in emergency or non-emergency conditions.  

2. Reliable Emergency Lighting

When emergency strikes the last thing you want to think about is whether or not the emergency back-up systems in your building are going to come on or not. Photoluminescent egress path markings require no electricity or batteries and operate completely independently of your buildings power system.

Photoluminescent egress path markings gain a charge from surrounding light sources, either natural or artificial and then releases it as photoluminescent light once placed in darkness. With photoluminescent egress path markings, when the power to your building fails, this reliable back up system comes on automatically, allowing you to focus on the emergency at hand.

Additionally, photoluminescent egress path markings do not require maintenance or battery replacements, ensuring your emergency lighting system is ready to go at the drop of a hat.

3. Predefined and Easy to Follow Exit Path

From navigating back to the parking lot or exiting in an emergency, photoluminescent egress path markings provide critical path marking and wayfinding directions. In the event of an emergency it is critical to have a clearly defined, safe and easy to follow exit path which brings occupants out to the egress location. Having the exit path clearly marked with easy to see photoluminescent path markings which clearly communicate the direction of egress is critical to provide a safe and efficient egress.

In an emergency, having a clearly defined exit path way makes it possible for occupants to quickly and safely navigate their way to the exit discharge, potentially saving lives.  

The installation of photoluminescent egress path markings in your building prioritizes occupant safety and ensures an efficient egress, no matter the situation. The benefits of installing luminescent egress path markings in your building can be felt in day to day life, not just in emergency situations.

Ecoglo provides a full range of photoluminescent egress path markings which not only meet but exceed the requirements set out by international fire, building and life safety codes. Our expertly engineered photoluminescent products provide a long lasting photoluminescent light which will illuminate the exit path way for hours after the power has failed. From anti-slip photoluminescent stair nosings to photoluminescent exit signs, ecoglo® has everything you need to create a visibly better egress pathway in your building!