How Does the Installation of Luminous Egress Path Markings aid in Fire Safety?

Luminous egress path markings are a fail-safe source of emergency exit lighting that do not require any power or the use of batteries, and automatically light your building’s egress pathway as soon as power is lost. In the case of fire related emergencies, the importance of reliable emergency egress lighting cannot be understated.

Photoluminescent egress path markings enhance both the speed and safety of emergency egress by clearly guiding occupants to the nearest exit and remaining visible in all lighting conditions. To better enhance the fire safety in your building, luminous egress path markings should be installed.

Ecoglo egress path markings aid in fire safety

Efficient Emergency Egress

In the event of a fire, a timely egress is critical. The installation of luminous egress path markings ensures the building’s egress pathway is clearly marked and easy to see in all lighting conditions. A well-marked egress pathway gives occupants the confidence to quickly exit the building, knowing exactly where they need to go.  

Excellent Visibility

Unlike traditional exit lighting, photoluminescent light does not cast shadows, removing any uncertainty while traveling through the exit path. Additionally, the low-level installation of luminous egress path markings ensures the bright light remains easily visible through smokey conditions. Photoluminescent exit signs and path markings are rated to certain visibilities, such as 50 or 75 feet, to ensure they remain easily visible and followed from a distance.

Not only does the excellent visibility of luminous egress path markings aid in getting occupants out of the building quickly but provides vital visibility for firefighters responding to the fire.

Provide Clear Information

As a significant aspect of emergency egress pathways, floor identification signs communicate critical egress information to both occupants and emergency responders. Floor identification signs, which remain visible in al lighting conditions when made from photoluminescent material, allow emergency responders to act more swiftly.

With the help of floor identifications signs, firefighters don’t have to pause and think, they can just follow the clear instructions to better preform their jobs, getting emergency help to those who need it quickly.

Prevent Injury

When emergency strikes and the power fails, occupants are left in the dark. Luminous egress path markings, however, automatically illuminate the egress pathway not only showing occupants where to go, but marking potential hazards to ensure a safe egress.

Within exit stairwells, photoluminescent strips are placed on the step-edges to prevent falls and trips. Additional photoluminescent egress path markings, such as handrail markings, door hardware markings and obstruction markings, all keep occupants safely within the egress pathway.

When disaster strikes, ensure your building is equipped to handle anything! Luminous egress path markings not only provide helpful wayfinding instructions on a day to day basis but prove to be critical to enhancing egress in emergencies, such as a fire. Remaining unaffected by the building’s power, luminous egress path markings are a reliable source of emergency egress lighting.

Ecoglo® provides a wide range of luminous egress path markings to allow you to create a complete, custom luminous egress solution that is as unique as your building! Our luminescent egress path markings easily exceed International Building Code Requirements. What makes Ecoglo Photoluminescent Egress Path Markings different is our unique, patented process which embeds photoluminescent particles into a clear durable polymer, maximizing their self-luminous properties. This process produces a product that is fast charging, while also boasting long-lasting photoluminescent performance, and is both UV stable and highly durable.