Ecoglo vs. Photoluminescent Tape

Ecoglo® is an industry leader for our luminous egress products and we guarantee high-performance and durability with each and every product we offer. We understand that each project is unique in a variety of ways such as location, amount of usage, etc., and our customers purchase based on these factors. Let’s be honest – cost is and always will be the main factor when determining the products purchased for a project. Ideally, everyone would be satisfied with paying the lowest cost for the highest quality product, but this is not realistic. Thankfully, Ecoglo® offers a range of high-quality and extremely durable luminous egress products for every price range.

5 Reasons to give up on photoluminescent tape

The main cost difference between ecoglo® products and photoluminescent tape is the use of dedicated luminous handrail, perimeter, and stair nosing markings. Our glow in the dark path markings are offered in a variety of styles including;  G250F, G250F-LL141, and G300F-OB. Our G300F-OB is used solely to mark obstructions in egress pathways, but our G250F and G250F-LL141 have been used for handrails, perimeters, and step edge markings. While luminous tapes are usually the cheapest option, we do not recommend it for long-term luminous egress path marking installations.

When it comes to cost, the initial amount of luminous tape versus our aluminum-based section 1024 luminous egress path markings can be quite different. Just like when purchasing anything, the cost may be initially lower for something, but in the long run you may be paying more because of replacement costs, rather than just investing more initially for a longer lasting solution. Therefore, 3m glow in the dark tape can cost you more in the long run. Although photoluminescent tape has the lowest price tag, this product could end up costing more in the long run due to the quicker wear and tear which could lead to a potential code violation and liability. Additionally, luminous egress tape is not slip resistant so it is especially not recommended for step edge markings. Photoluminescent tape cannot endure high traffic areas, and the peeling of the tape on step edges could potentially increase the risk of trips and falls. Photoluminescent tape does not provide any non-slip protection, making it a potentially hazardous product when installed on step edges.

Another reason Ecoglo® does not recommend luminous tape for your egress path marking needs is the fact that it does not meet all building code requirements. Photoluminescent tape can only be used as a luminous egress path marking solution if the product meets UL 1994 standards. Most commonly, photoluminescent tape does not meet NFPA 101 codes.

As an alternative, Ecoglo® offers numerous additional luminous egress path marking options made specifically for each component of an egress exit pathway. We have two different luminous markings specifically for stair handrails that are versatile enough to be installed on any design or variation of handrail. These markings are installed with premium polyurethane adhesive, which is extremely durable, moisture resistant, and works very well on both smooth and textured surfaces. Ecoglo®’ s perimeter demarcation luminous egress markings are offered in three sizes depending on your varying luminous egress path marking needs. These markings are also installed with premium polyurethane sealant to ensure a dependable installation. Last, but certainly not least, is our extensive collection of non-slip step-edge markings. Because each set of stairs is unique, we wanted to ensure that we had a product in house that could meet your project’s specific needs. Our step-edge markings are offered in multiple styles and can be installed on numerous types of flooring including but not limited to carpet, tile, resilient flooring, concrete, wood, and metal. We also offer different installation options for our luminous step-edge markings. These luminous step-edge markings can be installed with our previously mentioned premium polyurethane adhesive, anchored down with stainless steel fasteners and concrete nylon anchors, or even wet-set into concrete stairwells. The best part about our aluminum-based products, is that they are durable for indoor and outdoor use.

In conclusion, we like to think of our photoluminescent T.A.P.E as Temporary-Applied -Photoluminescent-Egress, and should only be used for extremely low traffic areas or as a temporary solution for luminous egress marking needs. Our staff here at Ecoglo® is committed to your safety, and we are always available to answer project specific questions to help ensure your trust in our products.