Ecoglo Heads Outside for the Summer!

Now that summer is here, we are all sure to be headed outside, spending more time on our patios, balconies and docks, soaking up the sunshine while it lasts! But after the sun’s gone down, there’s no reason to head indoors. Reap the benefits of the summer sun long after sunset, with ecoglo®!

Although ecoglo®’s range of photoluminescent path markings were originally designed to be installed indoors, in high-rise buildings and large venue spaces, these expertly engineered luminous egress path markings can be used for much more than just that!

Ecoglo luminous strip installed at the deck
Ecoglo luminous strip installed at the lakeside walkway

About Ecoglo

Ecoglo®’s photoluminescent step edge and path marking products were originally designed to provide safe emergency egress in high-rise buildings and large venues, such as stadiums and theatres. Our luminous egress path markings have been meticulously engineered and expertly manufactured to be tough, resilient and long-lasting, despite intensive wear and tear.

It wasn’t long before ecoglo®’s potential for outdoor use was seen by landscape designers, safety officers and facility managers.

Ecoglo Outdoors

Just like traditional indoor installations ecoglo®’s photoluminescent and luminous egress path markings absorb the surrounding light, gaining a charge that allows for a bright, steady and long-lasting light source once placed in darkness. What better charging light source than the sun?

Because of their low-cost and high-durability, ecoglo® has become a popular choice for ensuring docks, decks and stairways are kept safe even after dark, without the hassle of batteries or wiring.  Our photoluminescent strips can be installed on handrails and step-edges to provide excellent visibility and enhance the safety of your outdoor spaces this summer.

Ecoglo handrail markings & Ecoglo step-edge nosing

Is Ecoglo® Safe to Use Outdoors?

Ecoglo®’s products are maintenance free which means you can spend your time enjoying the summer, instead of adding to your to-do list. When installed outdoors, ecoglo®’s photoluminescent path markings can provide a reliable light source right through the night, staying brightly illuminated for up to 11 hours, gaining a full charge during the day.

With ecoglo® you won’t have to worry about timers, or turning the outdoor lighting on! Ecoglo® comes on gradually as the sun sets, providing the right amount of visibility in all lighting conditions.

Ecoglo strips on wooden stair during day vs night

Why Choose Ecoglo® this Summer?

Ecoglo®’s luminous egress path marking and photoluminescent strips are best powered by natural light and have been tested to ensure high UV stability. Additionally, ecoglo® step edge markings remain unaffected by freeze thaw cycles, so you can rest easy knowing your outdoor lighting system can withstand even harsh winters, without having to disassemble and having to store inside once summer is over.

Unlike traditional lighting products, ecoglo® requires no batteries and no electricity, meaning it is an extremely safe product to use on docks, or other areas close to the water, eliminating the risk of having an electrical current near the water.

Further enhancing outdoor safety, ecoglo®’s photoluminescent step-edge products offer a non-slip grip, making outdoor stairs safer and reducing the risk of slips and trips.

Get the most out of your outdoor spaces this summer, and choose the visibly better choice! With ecoglo® you’ll be able to enjoy every minute of summer.