What to Consider When Creating the Luminous Egress Pathway in Your Building

Before any new high-rise building can be opened to the public the last few finishing touches must be put in place! Some of these final additions may be purely aesthetic, like adding in new light fixtures or finding just the right potted plant and armchairs for the lobby. For others, it is ensuring all of the safety features are present, working and ready to go.

One of these important safety features, which is required by international building, fire and life safety codes, is the installation of luminous egress path markings. The requirement for the installation of these potentially life-saving egress lighting products has been adopted by many state and local building codes.

During the designing of the building, the exit pathway should be planned carefully to ensure no matter where they are in the building occupants have easy access to the exit pathway, and more than one exit pathway should be available in case on gets blocked.

After the careful planning and construction of the building it is time to put the finishing touches on the exit pathway, with luminous egress path markings! Here are a few tips on what to consider when adding these finishing touches.

Things to consider building luminous egress pathway in your building

Light Exposure

Because luminous egress path markings do not rely on electricity or the associated wiring, planning their placement is made much easier. What needs to be considered, however, is the lighting in the surrounding area. Photoluminescent egress path markings absorb the surrounding light, from either natural or artificial light sources, and when the lighting fails, releases the light as luminance, meaning they glow in the dark.

In a reasonably lit area just 5 minutes of exposure can provide 2 hours of luminous egress lighting. More information on charging times and luminance requirements can be found here.

To ensure the luminous egress path markings in your building come on when you need them the most, be sure they are installed in a well light area, with the photoluminescent surface uncovered and facing the light.

Stair Way Safety

When disaster strikes occupants are left to navigate the building’s emergency exit stairwells in poor lighting conditions. Climbing down the stairs without proper lighting can be dangerous. Luminous egress path markings should be applied in three main areas within the building’s emergency exit stairways; step-edges, handrails and around the perimeter.

Photoluminescent step-edge markings ensure occupants can clearly see each step-edge in low or no light situations, avoiding trips and falls and making the descent much safer overall. Additionally, handrails provide critical support and adding a photoluminescent strip along the top length of the handrail provides patrons with an additional level of visibility and safety.

Photoluminescent strips, installed either on the wall or the floor to mark the perimeter, ensures pedestrians can easily and safely follow the egress pathway to the exit discharge. The low-level installation of these luminous egress path markings ensures the light they give off can cut through smoke and will not cast shadows.


In order for a safe, emergency exit, occupants must be able to find and easily follow the exit pathway. Exit signs which clearly point pedestrians towards the exit should be installed frequently along the exit pathway, ensuring their visibility from a distance. Photoluminescent exit signs should never be covered or their view obstructed. Reliable, self-luminous exit signs enhance egress speeds as they allow pedestrians to make critical decisions quickly and easily.

To further aide in the emergency exit of a building, floor identification signs should be installed on every landing within the exit stairway. These customized signs are easy to read and communicate the floor level, the direction to and location of the exit discharge and the availability of roof access, which is needed for use by the fire department.

Correct and consistent installation of luminescent signage gives the exit pathway in your building what it needs to be utilized safely.

The finishing touches on a newly completed building ties everything together, and makes occupants feel welcomed at ease! The installation of luminous egress path markings gives occupants the an added level of comfort, knowing their safety has been considered a top priority by building and property management.

As a world leader in photoluminescent egress path markings, Ecoglo® has been working with property managers all around the world to put the finishing touches on their building and install luminous egress path marking systems that exceed all relevant code compliance regulations.

Our expertly engineered products are tested to ensure durability, longevity, visibility and safety. From step-edge markings to photoluminescent exit signs, ecoglo® has everything you need to create a visibly better egress system!